6th Annual Old Man Bowl Jam Article at Skatepark of Tampa

6th Annual Old Man Bowl Jam

Posted on Thursday, March 3, 2016 by Chris

The 6th Annual Old Man Bowl Jam at Skatepark of Tampa went off like a pacemaker in a metal detector. Let’s put it this way, these dudes aren’t getting any younger, and as the ages go up, the skills go down, but the stoke level will never die, until they do.

- Paul Zitzer

Words and photos by Nick Nicks.
Video by Frank Branca
Manny & Levi always make sure to stretch out before a session.
Won't find any Tofu Dogs or Veggie Burgers here.
Skateboarding and Beer...American as Baseball and Apple Pie.
Kyle Randall won the "Longest Slide" Award...maybe it's the rails?
Levi Combs absolutely shreds! 1st Place two years in a row now. image-1 - Manny...still stretching.
Manny...still stretching.
The ladies enjoying a beverage in the courtyard before the contest.
Schaefer stoking the flames for Frank's SPoT Life edit.
Tanner believes in safety first. Here he is sweeping away the hot embers.
Shooting photos of old dudes is dangerous!
Levi Combs dipping that Back Smith way down.
Florida Skateboard Hall of Fame member, Florida Mustache Hall of Fame member, and all around Best Dude, Jimmy "The Greek" Marcus Smith Grinds in the Concrete Courtyard.
Levi Combs skates really fast.
Jay Turner on a high-speed Frontside 5-0.
Levi Combs, Lien over the hip.
Tito Bro-Ratta has a real nice Frontside Ollie.
Old Dudes everywhere!
Manny Amorelli's wife Jeannie and friends sang the National Anthem, and everyone was hyped!
Manny Amorelli, over the hip to FS 50-50.
Jimmy "The Greek" Marcus also has a real nice Frontside Ollie.
Steven Rosa, High-Speed Sweeper over the hip.
Michael Wiegner was ripping all night. Footplant off the wall.
The Ocala, Florida dudes are animals! John May was killing it all night. This Frontside Alley-Oop was head high.
It didn't take a whole lot of convincing from Schaefer for Redneck Eric to start taking his clothes off.
Brandon Knowles is really, really, good. This Blunt Kickflip to Fakie was probably the best crowd-pleaser of the night!
Kyle Randall did a really long boardslide through the corner and Frank Branca hopped in the bowl for the footy. And that wraps up another Old Man Bowl Jam... Thanks to PBR for keeping us hydrated!


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