Can a Rail Be Too Slick? Huh?

Posted on Monday, December 3, 2001 by Barak

Can a Rail Be Too Slick? Huh?
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dear barak

i just bought a flat bar today and want to grind it the problem is i cant frontside noseslide it because its too slick how can i reduce its slickness so i can 50-50, fs nose slide , and front side board it

thanx alot cameron


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Dear Cameron,

I disagree that "too slick of a rail" is a problem. Are you saying it is too fast? Most seasoned skaters would prefer rails to be "slick" or "fast" so they can grind and slide faster and smoother. But if you want it to slide slower, take some sandpaper to it. Then when you're ready to go faster, wax it up. A year or so from now, you'll laugh at this email. It's all good though, we're all learning.