Happy Mother's Day From SPoT

Posted on Sunday, May 8, 2016 by Chris

Through all of our all ages contests, skate camp, Damn Am tours and daily park sessions, we've met a lot of great skate moms. They're the motivation that keeps us going despite the bumps, bruises and occasional broken limb (even though it probably turns their hair grey pretty quick in the process). A great skate mom will cheer us on, buy us new boards, take us to skate spots and make sure we stick to it. The result is undeniable when it pays off. Look at all the great Pros out there and I bet you most of their moms did for them everything I just described. So here's to all of them that made us what we are today, and still continue to support us. Happy Mother's Day!

-Chris Preston
Wayne Schaefer, Irma Schaefer and Lil Wayne - Tampa Am 2015
Josh Bell's mom helping him with a new board after he broke his at the Valentine's Day Massacre contest this year.
This future photographer's mom helps him check the angle at Damn Am Woodward West, 2015.
Wes Box and Andrew Reynolds' moms at the Baker Tour (SPoT stop).

Elijah Odom and his mom - Back To School Bash contest, 2013
Irma Schaefer and Souls of Mischief.