Adidas Away Days Video Premiere Coverage Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Adidas Away Days Video Premiere Coverage

Posted on Tuesday, June 7, 2016 by Chris

Adidas' newest video, Away Days has been making the rounds and snapping necks, so we were stoked to be able to premiere it here at SPoT a couple weeks ago. Add in a Best Trick Contest to the mix and free giveaways, and it turned out to be a pretty rad day.
Video: Frank Branca
Photos: Marino Nicastro
Last Saturday we premiered the Adidas newest video Away Days. We had a best trick contest, free food and beer for those of age. It ended up raining right before it all happened, but we were hopeful of the sun.
Here's the ledge were the best trick was going down. Wet at the moment but drying up.
Small display of the newest and greatest Adidas shoes.
Derick Glancy was hosting this event as the park’s Adidas ambassador. Kris Clayton and Alexia were squadded up.
Lavonte was the first one testing the ledge out with a Nose Manual.
Everyone was trying to get on the mic and spit a few things.
When you ask James Cobb for a photo you get this, Half Cab Flip bolts.
Kris is back in Tampa for good and we couldn’t be more psyched. He’s always ripping, FS Ollie.
Marse is our newest addition to the shop and he absolutely kills it. Crooked Grind.
Outside, people started to warm up on the ledge but you had to watch out for the obstacles. Uncle Sam dodges looking for his way out.
This guy had these Tre Flip 50-50’s on lock in practice but I never saw it go down when the time started.
Bryan G. was taking charge at the park while everyone was away cooking up BBQ and making sure everything was going straight.
Derick and Eric, the announcers and judges for the contest. I would be nervous if I was you!
Look at that crowd! You better dress to impress or have the tricks that score.
Uncle Sam FS Blunt to Switch BS 5-0!
Marcos Montoya - FS Pinch. He’s always out here killing that style.
Greyson Beal’s Mom was out here with him. We love her because she’s a good sport and one of the best skate moms. Greyson didn’t want to get in this photo but I think its because she out styles him.
William Gomez Switch Flip BS 5-0. It was a close call but he could’ve won with tricks like these.
Marse is insane on the ledge with too many tricks to shoot. This is the closest I could get to capturing his winning trick: FS Tailslide to Varial Flip Sex Change? Check the was crazy!
Judges getting to the end of the line.
Your top three right here. Good skating guys!
Time to enjoy your beers, Thanks PBR!
Double Fisting this early? Time to get excited to watch Away Days.
Everyone piled into the Snack Bar for the viewing of the Adidas Video.
Everyone get your phones ready and Snapchat the video!
The moment we’ve all been waiting for. Thank you to everyone who showed up and especially adidas.


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