SPoT BMX Contest October 2004

Posted on Monday, October 18, 2004 by Sean

SPoT BMX Contest October 2004
Words by Sean Albright, Photos by Rob Meronek

The Skatepark of Tampa Second Annual BMX Contest was a hit. BMX is still alive thanks to all the sponsors and all great people that came from near and far to make the contest fun and exciting for everyone from the kid that entered the Beginner Class for the first time to the guys that came down from the north east that entered Sponsored Class. It looked like every one had a great time. I would like to say thank you for supporting the Skatepark of Tampa and BMX. Congratulations to the winners of every class and also to the two-year milk challenge champ Zack Best. Thank you for keeping BMX alive.
J-lo on a megablast air from quarter to far right bank ramp
Jay Turner - quarter to kahuna transfer
Left to right: Connall Keenan - First Place Sponsored/Pro, Tyler Morrow - First Place Expert, Tray Jones - First Place Intermediate, and Jeremy M - First Place Beginner
Next year, we are going to call this the Zack Best Milk Challenge. Zack took it for the second year in a row
Luis Pinzone nearly snapped himself in half on this 540 air transfer from the quarter to the kahuna

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