Blingfest Rail Challenge Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Blingfest Rail Challenge

Posted on Wednesday, October 27, 2004 by M.Sinclair

Words and Photos by Mike Sinclair

I missed the Damn Am at Volcom Saturday Qualifiers to go check out "BLINGFEST" hosted by Active Skateshop out in Rancho Cucamonga, California. I knew some big names would show since Active has such a great team. The place was packed and a few bands were scheduled to play while the Best Trick Contest was going down. Luckily the stage and the skate area were far enough apart that the kids could get around super easy to check everything out. The security was also very laid back which made the atmosphere really comfortable. A lot of companies came out for the contest to hand out tons of free stuff for the kids all day long. Next time Active throws another Blingfest I suggest that you check it out. The contest obstacles were constructed by King Rails and they looked super good. Everyone that skated the King Rail set up killed it. Some guys I saw skating great but didn't enter the contest were Andrew Reynolds, Paul Rodriguez, Mike York, Mike Carrol, Eric Koston, Joey Brezinski, Jim Gagne, Ray Barbee, SAD, Adam Alfaro, Diego, Adrian Lopez, Leo Romero, TNT, Peter Ramondetta, Chico Brenez, Pat Rakestraw, Brian Sumner, Arto, and Jamie Thomas. Only one person walked away a winner at Blingfest and that person was Billy Marks. Billy won a lot of cash, a guitar and amp, and any rims and tires of his choice for his big bag of tricks. Billy pulled a 360 flip lipslide to fakie, kickflip boardslide, switch flip boardslide, and kickflip lipslide just to name a few. Check the photos for all the other heads who pulled some ish out at Blingfest.

Johnny Layton - backside nollie
Andre Genovesi - switch back tail
Devine Calloway - backside noseblunt slide
Christian Svitak
Tommy Sandoval - back lip
Jamie Thomas
Billy Marks - switch flip boardslide
Free stuff at the Fallen Footwear booth
Billy Marks wins it
Billy Marks - kickflip boardslide
Billy Marks - 360 flip down the steps
Billy Marks - 360 flip lipslide to fakie
Bastien Salabanzi - big spin front board
Bastien Salabanzi - switch 270 front board


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