A Session at the Busch Ditch Article at Skatepark of Tampa

A Session at the Busch Ditch

Posted on Saturday, November 13, 2004 by Rob

A Session at the Busch Ditch

If you get there, you'll realize how hard this pivot fakie is that Ryan Clements is doing. That tranny is super sketchy and you can't hit it straight on since it's a ditch. The white specks you see is dust flying around as you skate.
Chris Lehman - frontside crailslide
Chris Lehman - iceplant
Sean Albright - I forgot what this BMX trick is called
First is was Scotty Conley - take a poop, now Barak Wiser - take a poop. This one's for the SPoT Photo Chop Shop
Ryan Clements - backside disaster with a wide view of the ditch
Ryan Clements - frontside pivot
Barak Wiser - it's still a little tough to grind the lip since it's new


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