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SPoT Course Construction 2016

Posted on Sunday, September 25, 2016 by Chris

Yep, it's that time of year again when we rip up the old Pro Course layout and make it a little better than last year. This time around, we went into it with no plans, which is a first. With the help of Allen Russell, who has been a part of building everything you skate here at SPoT since the early days, we got some ideas into motion and some volunteers to help us build them. Here's some photos of the progress so far. Check back on September 28 when it will be finished. Until then, we're offering FREE SKATING in the courtyard, bowl and Mini-Course.

Photos: Frank Branca
With the help of our partners at SLS, we're gearing up to bring you the best Tampa Am EVER this year. It all starts with ripping up the old Pro Course and giving it an upgrade.
This part of the process is pretty standard: DESTROY EVERYTHING. Nah, we're just ripping out sections to make way for new terrain.
Every year we get some volunteers to help out with the demo. Aaron is part of our maintenance crew and is used to this type of blue collar work. Joel Box is Wesley's dad...and if you don't know who Wes is...
...That's Wes. He's an all-terrain ripper, Boards For Bros ambassador, and all around great kid. That's why we couldn't get too mad at him for sneaking in a front pivot here and there.
Looks like the speedbump is coming out.
Take a good look - it's the last time you'll see some of this stuff.
Big Russ is all like " um...we're gonna put a grass gap herrrre... and um...not sure about that area..." Eric knows he has NO IDEA what the plan is yet.
That blank piece of paper is the super secret "plans" for the new course. Basically we're just winging it.
Construction 101: make sure you're piles are solid.
FSEC (Former SPoT Employee Club) Member, Josh Knight is back at it - doing...whatever it is that he does.
We find all kinds of weird shit when taking out some of this old tranny. Throwback DVS bench? Shelf?
Early overview.
This is where the plans actually start taking shape. Allen and Schaef map it out as they go.
Second rule of construction: Know how to use your tool.
Wonder where these are going?
GoPros are set up all around the course so we can get a nice time-lapse of the build after it's finished.
Big Russ knows how to handle his wood.
Don't worry...this board will soon get the attention it deserves.
Glen lays the framework for something new here... that's what we like to see. Progress. Looks like the bank up to quarter is coming back. Maybe a hubba in there?
By the way, did I mention it's 1,000 degrees right now in Florida? Gotta stay cool somehow...
"Hey dad, have fun breaking your back, I'm going to skate!"
This section is starting to really come together.
Damn...I called it! Looks like a sick little hubba is going on that side.
Joel Box: A man. A tool belt. A mission.
No clue what Jason Ranft is going to use that sledgehammer for, but considering he does this a LOT, I trust him.
Blank canvas for this area, but here's where the Independent Best Trick contest will most likely go down during Tampa Am.
By the way, did I mention there's FREE SKATING going on from now until September 28? The Pro Course is unskateable, but the Concrete Course and Mini-Course are still open. Dustin Lehner takes advantage.
Paul Cote ain't letting no broke-ass course stop him from an afternoon session.
Neither is Liam Brocks - feeble down the Mini-Course rail.
It's a thing of beauty. Pretty soon this will be filled with people for Tampa Am in November, but for now, come enjoy the quiet.
And the last photo for now - the dump photo. If anyone needs some free materials, come on by before this stuff is gone. We'll post some more photos on September 28 when the course is finished. Until then, enjoy some free skating!
Big Russ, aka Allen Russell putting in a new hubba on the Best Trick pyramid.
It ain't finished until you put the Skatelite on it.
The new escalator on the East side of the course is looking good.
This new round rail extension on the pyramid is clean AF.
Here's an overview of how the Best Trick pyramid is coming along. Looks like a center rail is being installed. The dude with the massive red beard is Gene and he kills it.
First look at the new hubbas over on the north side. These things will see many a wallie to grind / slide / manny / etc.
Out with the stairs to make way for a "grass" gap.
Weld done.
Looking forward to seeing some front blunts down this hubba.
Gene the machine letting some sparks fly.
We had another week of free skating for you, since the Pro Course wasn't open.
Welder Jeff getting ready to mount a new rail here.
The first few panels of Skatelite get laid down, which means this part's almost finished.
If you look over to the far right, you can see the placeholder of a new wall rail being put in.
Looks like some Skate Campers tagged up this panel. Speaking of Skate Camp, there's a couple of single-day sessions coming up on October 10th and 12th. You can sign up right here.
Coming together.
Course building 101: Gene is pre-drilling all the holes where the screws will go.
The Indy Best Trick at Tampa Am is going to be the best one yet based on how this obstacle is looking.
View from the bowl corner.
Josh Knight admires the view so far.
Joel Box is still crushing it on the assist. EOTM nominee?
The only thing that's hotter than the weather is that custom welding mask.
Tag us at #SPoTTampa with your Insta videos skating the new course. We might repost them @SPoTTampa.
Got wood?
It's torture waiting for this thing to be finished so we can skate it. Uncle Sam and Aaron Morgan can't do anything but lurk and take photos until then.
Flash forward to September 29th and...we're done! As you can see, no one wasted any time getting to it.
Robby2packs doing what he does best.
Robby2packs doing what he does best.
Chris Reitz going against the grain on this new hubba.
These always look good. FSEC member Jyrus Ferguson - front blunt.
No one told Wes Box that this escalator was meant for going down, not up. Oh well.
Jordi Zapata introduces himself to the new wall rails with a BS Smith.
Peewee Kirks at it again with a nosegrind.
Posed or not? You decide - We all know Glancy rips, so my vote is not.
Solid looking Judo air by Keenan Lewis over the snow plow.
If Cash had wings, he'd fly...but he doesn't, so we'll settle for this front 5-0 down another new hubba.
The new course gets Cash / Shaqueefa's seal of approval.
Textbook leveled-out back lip by Tyler Wolford while his homie Liam Brocks captures.
The face says it all. Chris Reitz approves.
Some kids like Jordan Bostick just prefer concrete. Fastplant. And that's it for the new course photos. Stay tuned for the video edit of all this stuff coming soon...


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