A Random Trip to St. Pete Skatepark

Posted on Friday, December 3, 2004 by Rob

A Random Trip to St. Pete Skatepark
Photos and Captions by Rob Meronek, except the the chinky pic which is by some white dude named John Paul

Did you ever roll up to some place like "man, that doesn't look too cool," but it ends up being super fun? We had a fun time at the St. Petersburg Skatepark last night before we put a hurtin' on our livers at The Castle. The St. Pete skate park is located in Fossil Park at 6739 9th Street North. When we got there, we pretty much just rolled in and skated with no questions asked, so I'm not sure if helmets, waivers, and payment are required. I feel bad for all the eleven-teen year olds smoking without a beer to chase it down with. It's now been 3 months since I quit smoking cold turkey. Yee haw. So kids still see smoking as cool? The 80's are definitely back.

Check out a few photos from our session below. No bangers, though. Sorry. I spiced up the boring ones with a little Photo Chop Shop entertainment for you. Get yer hate on.

Scotty Conley getting creative like an art fag with an Apple computer - spine transfer to 50-50
Kids, you should definitely go to college because one day you might end up scoring a super cush job where you get paid to Photo Shop toilets on people falling off their skateboards like I'm doing right now. It's even easy to do with a bad hangover. Scotty Conley - take a poop!
Here's a wide view of the park
John Paul Grebe ollies one awkward sized pyramid
We made some new friends. This is Josh Carbonell doing a crooked grind on the up ledge thing
Right now, beer makes me pretty much want to puke since I'm still buzzed from shutting down The Castle a few hours ago last night, so Scotty Conley's gigantic Heineken 5-0 on the gigantic rail is like some hair off the dog that bit me. Die tryin' Scotty!
This upledge thing is super fun - we need one of these here. This is John Paul Grebe and Scotty Conley syncronized skating
Here's a copy of the blueprints for the park. It pretty much looks just like this
There were no Asians at the park, so I photo shopped some in and added a nice Asian helmet to yet another photo of me on an old man melon grab. When you turn 8,000 years old like Confusious, Animal Chin, and me, you'll be throwing these down everywhere, too
Hopefully, you're getting half the entertainment we got out of seeing this monster truck rally thing...if only you could see the dirt rockin' chick that was with the guy driving that thing. On the back fender there, instead of saying "4X4," it says "4X Whaaaat??"

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