Analog Best Trick Contest

Posted on Friday, December 10, 2004 by M.Sinclair

Analog Best Trick Contest
Words and photos by Mike Sinclair

Analog clothing held its first Best Trick Contest at the Etnies Park in Lake Forest, California last night. $10,000 was put on the line for the best all around tricks. Usually a best trick contest is one single "best trick," but Analog wanted to see who had the "best tricks." The obstacles were a bump over a barrier, a Euro gap manual pad, and an 11-stair handrail.

The "best tricks" contest lasted for about two hours with about 40 skaters competing. The contest was open to pros and ams and so was the money. Billy Marks has been winning a lot of best trick contests lately but tonight Billy ended up getting 3rd place. Billy tried a kickflip footplant over the barrier, double flip manual on the big Euro manual pad, and a kickflip lipslide on the 11-stair rail. Billy walked away with $1,000. Sierra Fellers came in 2nd place and made a nollie flip boardslide down the 11-stair rail. Sierra came up $2,000 for his efforts. 1st place went to Andre Genovessi who is from Brazil, but has been in the States for quite sometime now. Andre did a nollie heel flip over the barrier, a switchflip manual on the Euro gap/manual pad contraption, and a perfect switch backside flip over the 11-stair rail.

Andre took home the biggest check tonight for $5000. Andre has come close to winning the past few best trick contests I have been to, but tonight was his night and it even turned out that it was Andre's birthday. Just missing the top three was Corey Duffel. Corey killed everything on the course and still walked away with $800. The judges paid all the way down to 10th place. Other stand-outs tonight were Tommy Sandoval, Steve Nesser, Kurtis Colomonico, and Jon Goeman. Heath Kirchart got shot in the eye with a bb gun by Ben Giley so he couldn't skate. Oops! Thanks to Analog, Active Ride Shop, and Etnies Skatepark.


Tommy Sandoval - nollie nosegrind
Winners were:
1. Andre Genovessi $5,000
2. Sierra Fellers $2,000
3. Billy Marks $1,000
Ernie Torres - kickflip frontside boardslide
Even Hernandez - switch frontside heel
Evan Hernandez - take a poop
Corey Duffel - back lip
Dan Murphy's mug. Right before the Nike demo last week, he accidentally got a stick in the eye and hasn't been right since. He didn't skate the contest.
Dave Duncan and Christian Hosoi
Billy Marks - kickflip lipslide

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