Tampa Pro 2017 - Practice Coverage Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Tampa Pro 2017 - Practice Coverage

Posted on Saturday, March 4, 2017 by Chris

Welcome to another epic Tampa Pro weekend at SPoT. It's the 23rd time we've put one of these on and it just gets better every year. Thanks to everyone who showed up, whether you traveled from overseas or right next door. We're stoked you're here. Yesterday consisted of mainly getting people registered and lots of practice, followed by the somewhat popular T.M. / Industry V.I.P. contest. Check out Bart's photos from the day and stay tuned for the SPoT Life episode coming a little later.

Photos: Bart Jones
If you walked into the park this morning saw Tato Feliciano bustin’ Finger Flip Lien Tails, you would know like clockwork the VIP/Industry contest is well underway.
Tampa Bay Locs Brandon and Eric check what all the hype is about.
VIP/Industry contest overlord Bob Reynolds strikes a pose with a Madonna.
Gabe Clement signs em in and straps on bands with extreme enthusiasm.
New to the registration game, Derick Glancy is also all smiles.
Our top 3 from the Industry blunder... Ira Ingram, Tato Feliciano, and Nate Alton; they aren’t bummed..they’re just tired.
Enough of these industry Goons, lets get to the good shit, like this Tre Fakes from Ishod Wair.
Vert OGs.
No special treatment for T-Puds, gotta use the portable like everybody else.
Skatepark Of Tampa... where Tattoo Ink never runs dry.
You could go to David Gonzalez’ profile page to see his sponsors or just check the incentive on this FS Flip.
Seems like every spot is skateproofed these days...
BRUTE. Jimi Britches reps FA World Entertainment and Bobby Boyd reps adidas.
Open Bar?! Give me 9 more of these!!
When Karsten Kleppan hit the course, shit went Stale.
Barber: “We can fix this” Girl: “Are you sure??” Chaz in back: “They do beard cuts?”
Dunno if they can fix this, but then again...why would you want to?
Transition Terrorists!
How to get Insta Verified? Get in good with Fred Van Schie. Lutzka knows.
The multi-talented DJ Romar puts it on for the crowd.
There's always the dude feelin' the beats just a lil bit more then the rest.
More of the multi-talented, Evan Smith and Ray Barbee gearin' up the for last night's show (check photos from that coming later today).
Ishod’s Kickflip Shifty Fakie seemed good as any way to end this post. If y'all got tickets get your ass down here and see this shit in real life!!


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