Tampa Pro 2017 - Element Pro Party Coverage Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Tampa Pro 2017 - Element Pro Party Coverage

Posted on Saturday, March 4, 2017 by Chris

After practice yesterday, we opened up the bar and let the after party begin. Element hooked it up big time this year, with an art show by Thomas Campbell & Fred Mortagne, a ripping Bowl Jam, and live performances by DJ Romar, Ray Barbee and Drowning Clowns, featuring Evan Smith. It was a rad night, and here are the photos to prove it.

Photos: Josh Bowser
Original work from Fred Mortagne & Thomas Campbell.
Custom Element Decks by Thomas Campbell.
Here are the original paintings that the decks were created from.
A photo of Ray Barbee by Fred Mortagne.
It wouldn't be Tampa Pro if we didn't throw a bowl jam in there. Can't believe all the rippers that showed up this year...Eric Dressen, Frontside Grind over the Hip.
WhoDat? FS Shuvit Twirly Bird
Remy Stratton took 2nd Place in the Bowl Jam.
Eric Dressen was killing it and took 1st in the Bowl Jam.
Thanks for coming out and ripping, Eric.
The Brazilian Brotherhood - Paulo Ventura, Carlos Iqui and Fernando Soares.
Always a pleasure to see Wes Kremer in Tampa. Welcome back dude.
Torey Pudwill was chilling with the homies, old and young, all night.
The beers were flowing like water, thanks to our sponsors. I spy Ishod tipping a PBR...
DJ Romar was playing the hype jams for everyone, and Alex Johnson took a moment to show his appreciation.
Thanks also to everyone who works so hard to make Tampa Pro happen, including our tireless bar staff. Thank you!
That's Matt from Element holding up a custom Tampa Pro 2017 shirt, with artwork by Thomas Campbell. They were giving these out all last night to anyone lucky enough to stop by the bar. Thanks dudes.
Brian introduces Ray Barbee to the stage, "I remember in 1990-something when Ray helped us tear down the old bowl in one day, Thanks Ray!"
Ray Barbee preparing to make our eardrums very happy...
It was so sick to watch Ray really get into the zone during his set.
Media Check, why did I even bring my camera?
Next up is The Drowning Clowns with Evan Smith.
Evan's guitar looked like something out of Adventure Time.
Mike Speranzo is one of the creative forces behind The Drowning Clowns and has been part of the Pittsburgh music scene for decades. Thanks for coming all the way down, Mike.
Liz Berlin is another powerhouse talent in the Clowns' lineup.
Evan was really letting it go.
Then he starting jamming on a skateboard, wait what?
Group photo with all of the Drowning Clowns. Thank you for killing it tonight guys!
It was a wild, rowdy, amazing night. We would like to thank all of the sponsors, artists, musicians and fans who made it happen. Next up, Tampa Pro 2017 Qualifiers!


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