Tampa Am 2005 Saturday Street Qualifiers Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Tampa Am 2005 Saturday Street Qualifiers

Posted on Monday, January 24, 2005 by Rob

Tampa Am 2005 Saturday Street Qualifiers
Words and Photos by Rob Meronek

Saturday Street Qualifier Results

Today's golden ticket was earned by Tommy Sandoval. He joins the top ten from the Semi-Finals on Sunday along with yesterday's golden ticket winner in the 12 skater Street Finals. Today's heats had a lot of new ripping Brazilians as usual like Lucas Carvalho and Marcelo Zborowski Gomes who got second and third place, respectively. Don't I sound like a grown up with a stick in my ass when I use words like "respectively?" Well I am a grown up and it sucks. I want to be 10 again like Nyjah Huston who qualified fourth today. My favorite unknown guy from today is Dyson Ramones from Hawaii. Check out his shifty flips. I hope we see that guy next year and at the Damn Am. He kills it. Most painful elimination of the day was definitely Sean Malto. I can't remember what trick he was trying, but he pulled a hard face smack in his run. Later on, he got another face smack when he found himself one spot below the cut in 17th.


I can't remember who this is - smith grind on the big round rail
This unknown soldier has a damn good looking 360 flip
Trace Saylor - backside nosegrind
I wish I had more photos of Ted Degros - I like this guy's style. This is a 360 flip up the step up
First Matt Seemen built the course, then he destroys it. This is a perfectly executed nollie crook on the big round rail
Nick Dom Pierre made this gap blunt slide in his run
I was bummed to see Nate Compher not making to the Finals. This is a switch flip over the crooked bank to bank. Check out Nate's part in the Fobia Skate Shop video called "All In." It's a damn good shop video that we should have in stock here soon.
Joey Corey, did you ever make this kickflip over the rail to flat? If not, let me know so I can change this to take a poop
David Gonzales - tiny kid, tiny pants, big kickflip crooks
There are plenty of 10 year old kids that can do disgusting looking little kid style kickflips, ollies to deck check, and nasty grabs with their hands between their legs. None of them have the kind of board control, style, and consistency Nyjah Huston has. Check out this smooth and long backside tailslide down the long hubba - amazing
Dyson Ramones has one damn good looking shifty flip
Dyson Ramones' backside 360 is the best fatty to flatty of the weekend. This dude kills it. Yo team managers, he doesn't have a shoe sponsor either. I already saw someone from Emerica getting his phone number, though


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