Radon Plays SPoT Again For the First Time in 9 Years

Posted on Thursday, July 13, 2017 by Chris

In the early days of SPoT, most of our anniversary parties at Tampa Am and Tampa Pro were right here under our own roof, with the bands loading into either the Pro Course or the empty second warehouse (now the mini-course and bowl area) and playing their asses off to a bunch of sweaty skate punks that pretty much guaranteed total mayhem. Flying debris and stagediving were second nature to these shows, no matter what type of music was playing. Among some of the legendary musicians that have terrorized our house are Avail, Hot Water Music, Samiam and G-ville pop-punkers, Radon.

Radon hasn't played here since 2008, when the old Transitions venue was still alive and kicking, before it turned into Epic Problem. But you can bet they still draw the same crowd that came to see them in the early days of SPoT.
Radon playing an early SPoT Anniversary party, pre-2002.
Radon at the old Transitions Art Gallery, 2008. Photo by Nicole Kibert

Most of the shows they played back then were as an opening act, but this Saturday they will be headlining the newest incarnation of Transitions, which was just recently finished at Tampa Pro this year. Joining them on stage is Wolf-Face (a "tribute" band to the 80's Michael J. Fox movie "Teen Wolf", but like a rated R version), and Tampa's own Sandspur City. So grab a skateboard, come shred, and then stick around for a piece of SPoT's music history.
Radon plays the new Transitions space this Friday, July 14 at 7pm. Full details here.