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Posted on Friday, February 11, 2005 by News

DVS Skate + News
Tampa Am Results
In January, DVS Shoe Company, Hawk clothing and the Skate Park of Tampa came together to put on the renowned Tampa Am contest. As always, the guys at The Skate Park of Tampa put together an amazing event. Schaeffer spent some time with his tool belt on and constructed a pretty awesome new street course that was well perceived by the youngsters. DVS riders Andre Genovesi and Torey Pudwill made it to the semi-finals and when all was said and done, Torey Pudwill landed himself in the 7th place slot. Nice work Torey. If you didn’t get to make it to the Tampa Am, don’t be alarmed because you can still make it to the Tampa Pro and sweat on the sidelines because it’s nice and warm during March in the armpit of Florida. For complete results, check out www.skateparkoftampa.com
Tampa Pro: March 11-13, 2005
The Tampa Pro, sponsored by DVS Shoe Company, Split and The Skatepark of Tampa is quickly approaching. Once again there is a completely new developed street course. If you totally surf the web go check it out at www.skateparkoftampa.com and view the Am contest photos. The prize purse is set at fifty-thousand bucks, holy, what, that’s some good scratch for a skate contest. That’s a brand new set of spinner rims on your Hyundai. Join DVS for a beer bong or two and a skate-burger in the parking lot, oh yeah and some damn good skateboarding. Kerry Getz who has been a previous first place finisher has already been bumped to the semi-finals and is a definite treat to watch at the Skate Park of Tampa. It will be exciting to watch what type of lines each contestant puts together on the new course.
Dill Haps
Jason Dill spent the New Year filming in Miami, Florida and he’s now back in New York planning his next move. Dill’s got a fourth shoe coming out this summer, appropriately named the Dill 4. A limited edition co-op of the Dill 4 is also being offered in conjunction with Dill’s company F--king Awesome. The Dill 4/F--king Awesome shoes will be super limited, with only 500 (numbered) pairs being produced. It should be pretty F--king Awesome.
Berra Game On
Steve Berra has a new training facility in Los Angeles and has been putting in double-time in order to get back into shape after his ankle injury last year. Berra’s also gone nocturnal and has been on some heavy late night filming missions. He’s also eating meat now days so he has a lot more energy to go the extra distance.
The Video Scoop
Skate More…it’s almost here. Seriously, it is and there will even be a couple of special guest surprises. We will keep you posted, or not, you might just have to wait and see for yourself. The premiere will be in Hollywood, CA in the middle of May and you can follow up on www.skate-more.com for more information on that. Also, new contest on www.skate-more.com simply coined, “Daewon, come and knock on my door.” Enter to win the chance for Mr. Daewon Song to come and spend the day with you. I’m thinking cheeseburgers and hardflips. Dario Rezk has joined the growing DVS filmer roster with Colin Kennedy, Haven Lamoureux and Bill Strobeck. No we didn’t spell Dario’s last name wrong, Rezk is the correct spelling, thank you. Dario has been brought on in the final hour as we are getting close to the film deadline and the premiere is on the horizon.

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