Blind’s “WHAT IF?” Premiere

Posted on Saturday, February 26, 2005 by M.Sinclair

Blind’s “WHAT IF?” Premiere
Words and Photos by Mike Sinclair in San Diego, California

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So many people showed up last night to see the new "WHAT IF?" Blind Video that cops were called in immediately with full riot gear. The video started around 10:30pm, which was about an hour later than expected. All the Dwindle companies had a one-minute trailer to watch during the wait. Almost, World Industries, Darkstar, and Legacy all looked good, but everyone seemed to be getting antsy to see “WHAT IF?” The video opened with a short skit of the Blind team running from a police officer. The cop then turns out to be Christian Hosoi...WHAT IF? Here’s a run-down of the parts:

Corey Sheppard opens the video and had a great well-rounded piece.

Second part goes to a new rider from Australia named Jake Duncombe. Jake is a smaller fellow, but proves that he can hang with the big dogs. His part was mixed with tranny and plenty of raw street.

Grant Patterson has amazing board control! He ripped his entire part and closed it with a nollie flip down 15 stairs. Jim Greco was even spotted standing up and applauding for Grant's gigantic nollie flip.

Carlos Ruiz had the entire place on their toes. Carlos takes some of the gnarliest slams ever. His part will be one to rewind for years.

Kris Markovich skated fast and smooth, but his part was the shortest in the video. Kris is coming back strong from a serious knee injury, so expect to see more of him real soon.

Evan Scheiefelbine and James Craig had good parts toward the end of the flick, too.

Jake Brown did some out-of-this-world maneuvers during his part.

Ronnie Creager closed the video with his best video part to date. Ronnie is so technical that it looks magical when you watch him skate. He will keep you glued to the screen for sure.

"WHAT IF?" gets two thumbs up. It's a great video to say the least. WHAT IF you buy the video and decide for yourself?


Blind's "What If?" will also be showing during Tampa Pro 2005 here in Tampa. Click here for details.
Steve Berra wasn't going to miss the first Blind video in over a decade
Look at all those fools trying to get into the VIP entrace
Diego Buccheri was there
Graham Bickerstaff was there
Mike's sketchy video grab from the premiere: first person to post who this is and where it's at wins a free deck. You have until Monday at 5pm to post your best guess. Make sure to leave your correct email address so we can contact you. You have to have a US mailing address
Mike Sinclair's sketchy video footage from the premiere

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