A Short Interview With Ryan Sheckler

Posted on Sunday, February 27, 2005 by Rob

A Short Interview With Ryan Sheckler
By Rob Meronek

Rob: What’s the most busted sponsorship offer you’ve recently received? Extreme noodles, hair spray, Ryan Sheckler hot dogs, etc.?
Ryan: I do get a lot of crazy offers all the time. I don’t know that any one wins the top honor. Probably the carpet skating kit. You put these plastic things on your feet and slide around on the carpet. The inventor really thought I would jump at the chance to ride for them. I couldn't even look at him without laughing. I get a lot of start up clothing companies that say they are going to make me rich. I’m stoked for anyone taking those chances, but I’m part of the Volcom family, so I don't do anything about it.

Do you ever check out the crazy crap on your rider profile on SkateparkOfTampa.com? You have at least 20 teenie-boppers-gone-wild a day leaving you their phone number and email. Do girls really throw themselves at you like that in real life?
That’s a loaded question! I do hit the site from time to time and check it out. For starters I’m stoked for Nyjah and his win at the Tampa Am. As for your site, it seems like most of the haters in this country migrate to your site to spread s--t about me. Don’t get me wrong, I do see the love and the wars that they wage with the haters. I don’t spend a lot of time on any chat lines. I have found it to be counter-productive to my skating. It’s hard not to notice the criticism from the “arm chair skaters.”
Where have you been skating at the most lately?
Anywhere where it’s not raining. I skate my local park, backyard park, flat street, and then we hit the local cities whenever possible. I’m really working on a lot of things.

What country that you’ve been to has the goofiest people and culture?
Oh man...parts of Europe I guess. The people aren’t goofy but the culture takes some getting used to. It takes me a while to get used to the food, most of all. Everything else is cool.

Do you have any stalkers yet?
Yes...too many of them. We have initiated three FBI investigations over freaks saying they are watching our house and are going to burn it down. I can’t mention the other stuff they talk about. When that crap happens I just look at my dad and watch the veins pop out of his bald-ass head! If anyone knew him, like really knew him, they wouldn’t ever say anything about his family. I’m good with it...you know haters will be haters...but my dad gets scary mean.

What was it like to have the MTV crew at your place for the Cribs thing?
MTV was a blast. All the workers were really cool and we had a fun time filming that.

Has Tony Hawk ever asked you to have a sleep over?
No...why are you dissing on Tony? He’s a legend.

Rob: Nah, just trying to be funny with a dumb Michael Jackson joke.

Multiple choice question: When it comes to the ladies, I have:
a. Been to first base
b. Been to second base
c. Been to third base
d. Knocked one out of the park!
e. I prefer sausage
f. My mom’s going to read this and I’d rather not say
Answer: f

Tell us about your set up:
Board: 7.5
Wheels: 49mm
Hardware: Shorty's or anything I can get
Trucks and size: Tensor Low’s

What were the last few CD’s you bought, stole, or borrowed?
Bought: Best of Jack Johnson
Stole: My dad’s “everlast”
Borrowed: REM Greatest hits

Which pro skaters did you look up to when you first started skating and which to you look up to today?
I have always admired Mullen, Creager, Thomas, Hawk...and that list hasn’t changed. I hang out with P-Rod, Rogers, Chris Haslam, Creager, Mullen, Arto, Rune, and Bastien. I look up to all of them.

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