Tampa Pro 2005 Thursday Practice

Posted on Thursday, March 10, 2005 by Rob

Tampa Pro 2005 Thursday Practice
Words and Photos by Rob Meronek

As usual, today was pretty mellow. The park was just about empty with only about 20 or 30 pros getting here early to get some extra practice in. There were a few die-hards here early for the Team Manager/Industry VIP Contest, also. That goes down tomorrow night. Below are a few photos from today. Later tonight, there's the Fabrek Art Show in Transitions Art Gallery back near the kiddie course. Drinks will be flowing along with a raging bowl session. Hopefully you'll be there instead of having to check it out on some website. See you there.

Matt Milligan - kickflip up the step-up
That's an awkward postion to be in on top of the vert wall. Rodney Jones pulled this frontside disaster to backside revert in just fine, though
Billy Marks - 360 flip fatty to flatty
Anthony Shetler - kickflip 50-50 on the hubba
Danny Fuenzalida - 360 flip over the bank to bank
Kevin Taylor - backside 180 nosegrind
Wow, not only does Billy Rohan do super good frontside flips, he can also do 540's on the street course like a vert jock. This one from the quarter into the bank was landed perfectly
Mike Peterson - frontside boardslide on the flat rail
Carlos De Andrade - nollie heel into the step up
Chris Haslam - backside nollie 360 over the hip
Chris Haslam - crooked grind on the bump to flat bar

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