Tampa Pro 2005 Friday Practice

Posted on Friday, March 11, 2005 by Rob

Tampa Pro 2005 Friday Practice
Words and Photos by Rob Meronek

It was another pretty mellow day today. I think I spent more time skating than I did taking photos.

In a couple hours, we're starting off with the Team Manager/ Industry VIP Contest where Ryan Clements is defending his title. After that's over, we'll see you at Czar Bar in Ybor City where you're not really sure if hot chicks are hot chicks or dressed up dicks. Yeah, it's like that in there. If you have one of those plastic SPoT wristbands, you get in for a buck and drink free PBR all night.

Og De Souza - frontside air
Clint Peterson 360 flipped up the step up before doing this smith grind on the big round rail
Yes, Mike Vallely made this ollie up to smith stall on the ledge usually used by Sean-line Albright's BMX buddies
Peter Ramondetta - back lip on the big flat rail
Jereme Rogers - switch crook down the hubba
Jereme Rogers hit everything on the course switch. This is a switch 5-0 down the hubba
This is one crazy spider man wall plant Mike Vallely pulled from the quarter to the bank
Peter Ramondetta - kickflip over the bank to bank
Wouldn't you love to be able to sit on switch back tails this leveled out and perfect like Jereme Rogers?

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