Tampa Pro 2005 Vert

Posted on Saturday, March 12, 2005 by Rob

Tampa Pro 2005 Vert
Words and Photos by Rob Meronek

Neal Hendrix has been to every Tampa Pro Vert Contest. His runs during the jam put him ahead of PLG who was also ripping as usual with plenty of switch tricks thrown in. The format this year included one run, a 30 minute jam, then another run for each rider. Vert Finals full results can be found right here. Jake Brown was here, but he didn't skate the contest. During Best Trick he almost made a backside manual on the deck to pop shuv in - whoa! Best Trick results are right here.

Rob Lorifice - frontside tail slide
Vert winners PLG and Neal Hendrix
PLG - kickflip backside grab
PLG - switch crooks
Neal Hendrix has the best backside 360 indy airs - slow, high, and traveling across several sheets
Neal Hendrix - frontside 5-0 to fakie
Neal Hendrix never bails these frontside heelflips
One of many nice looking MILF checking out the Vert Contest
Matias Ringstrom - cab heel
Danny Mayer - frontside tail slide
If Lincoln Ueda goes any higher, he's going to get burned by the sun
Lincoln Ueda - frontside tail grab
Chris Guilfoose - 540
Phil Hajal - method
Anthony Furlong - frontside alley oop melon
Anthony Furlong - kickflip indy
Jesse Fritsch - straight leg frontside air
Mike Frazier - half cab to frontside grind
Mike Frazier actually landed this backside 360 stale fish
Vert announcers Ryan Clements and Dave Duncan
Best Trick winners Phil Hajal and PLG

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