Chill Time at Tampa Pro 2005

Posted on Sunday, March 13, 2005 by Rob

Chill Time at Tampa Pro 2005
How many Barak burgers did you have?
Mic-e Reyes from Deluxe and Jake Phelps from Thrasher had their own announcing going on in the corner the whole time. We need to wire them up with a mic. That would surely fill up the Quotes Page. Active Erica behind them doesn't seem too entertained, however
Billy Marks came up huge in dice
Jake Brown - vertical rock star. His part in the Blind video is amazing
All those people throwing beads at Brian Schaefer on stage during the Blind premiere and not one person could hit him in the head
Bill Weiss slurs to the crowd at the Blind video premiere while double fisting with a bottle of champagne
Ewan Bowman was throwing down Moet at the bar. They have that at Masquerade? I guess only ballers know that
Emmanuel Guzman had a little ankle bender over the weekend. Sick cane
When we saw some random shirtless dude in the crowd begging for beads, Ryan Clements thought it would be funny to take his shirt off and beg right next to the guy. He was right. That was pretty damn funny. In the photo below, I think Schaefer's like, "As your boss, I order you to put your shirt back on"
The Dish in Ybor City is seriously hooking people up. This weekend, say you're from the contest here and you'll get 20% off. We'll see you there Sunday night for a nice after contest chow down before we rage at the Contest After-Party. Does that guy on the float have electric shades on?
Last time I was in this sketchy pizza place that Chris Haslam and Mike Peterson are at, there was a rat rolling through the candy bar stand while I was trying to pay for my food. I still ate there again anyway for some reason
This is the chaos going on outside Masquerade where the Blind video premiere was at
There's a lot of this roaming the streets of Ybor. As usual, click here to zoom in
Moat queen "aShLEY hArRIsOn" hopes Ryan Sheckler will see this photo and fall in puppy love

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