Tampa Pro 2005 Online Product Toss Results

Posted on Friday, March 25, 2005 by Rob

Tampa Pro 2005 Online Product Toss Results
Words and Graphs by Captain Corporate Incorporated, Inc.

Results from the Tampa Pro 2005 Online Product Toss are below. Check your email to see if you were a winner. Comments submitted by all you fools are also below. Thanks for the entertainment. 1,221 people were in this product toss.

The first three people that picked all the same responses as the top responses shown below win. Actually, no one picked them all correctly. These three winners had the most questions correct at the earliest times. Winners have been emailed. Winners' names, city, and state will be listed when we hear back from them.

The first place winner was tac0t1me. Second place is ar_bakerrider. Third place is corsk2001.


Who's going to win the Phoenix Am Contest coming up in April?
Which skateboard company is going out of business next?
What's the first thing you think of when you hear "Chad Muska?"
Which SPoT employee should be fired next?
Who's going to be the next pro that switches shoe sponsors?
What's the next product that will bear a pro's name to help sell more of it?
Is skateboarding ever going to die again?
Who's going to be the next skater that turns movie or tv star?
I would not be caught dead wearing...
The hottest chick in skateboarding right now is...
Worst/most disgusting looking thing on a skateboard...
The best magazine is...
How often do you skate?
Name a video you have to at least know existed so the skateboarders that are your dad's age will think you're somewhat cool...
My favorite type of terrain to skate is...
Comments left by people in the product toss...
  • So I jump ship in Hong Kong. Make my way over to Tibet.
  • busted
  • gimmie gimmie gimmie
  • number 13 says fix instead of five
  • cool
  • my birthday is the 25th
  • Rob you're a f--king thinhead!
  • awesome dooder!
  • Sick Contest
  • i like SPOT givaways beacause there fun, but i never win. see ya later.
  • Hey my birthday's on the twenty fifth too
  • i like these givaways
  • uh gnar
  • gimme-gimme-gimme some mo!
  • Dude right on, I like the giveaways where you can't the answer wrong. I Hate looking all through other skate sites and when I finally find the answer 9 people already have a 100 on the quiz. Thanks Rob
  • do this more often
  • woa, i feel like im right in the pit about to get some geeeer!!!!
  • i wanna win its my bday in 4 days
  • Peice of cake
  • give me XXXXL t-shirts, I'm way fat
  • you know, when you pick an answer for favorite terrain to ride, it matches right up against the 'hottest girl in skating'. funny. and I wouldent be caught dead wearing about 7 of the 9 things listed.
  • sweet
  • give me s--t even if I lose haha hook it up Rob at least some stickers
  • stupid give me it anyway
  • siht
  • comment
  • i dont know any SPoT employees
  • this is ill
  • cool
  • Hope i win!!!! ;0
  • Sweet! This is a great way for less fortunate skaters to get some free chit!
  • sweet
  • yep
  • Michael Jackson's "Beat It" was sexual innuendo.
  • haha rowley still rips!
  • Free stuff rocks!
  • kick assssssssssssssssss
  • lovin' it
  • sweeett
  • neat
  • i wanna f--king win
  • Cool!
  • this quiz is gay
  • 678 817 0689
  • Pretty cool, good idea.
  • me likey free stuff
  • its great idea
  • I Should Win.
  • the "gigantic MC Hammer pants" are called zoom pants.
  • it rules!
  • i live in belgium
  • this s--t is wack yo
  • this is rad that your giving away stuff
  • nuts
  • I wanna win but if i dont thats cool
  • Pick me?
  • I WANT SECOND PLACE!!!! haha
  • pick me. ha
  • do it more
  • Fun Stuff Hope I Get Lucky.
  • hope i win
  • money hungery! 10$ cover charge
  • ...says I
  • coooool
  • i like the questions
  • hahha i totally won!!!!
  • thug lyfe
  • theres a giveaway? i jsut did that for the hell of it
  • Hook a brother up
  • sic
  • ey dawg ey
  • if i win could i get a BAKER board instead?
  • You guys should do more of these.
  • pick me because my board is jacked from NH weather and you charge to much for them
  • its awesome, and ryan clements needs to do a mohawk again yeaa! lol peace out dude
  • sponsor me
  • why not right
  • yall should just gimme somthing casue im cool
  • The questions were ok but get some better one's.
  • Radical.
  • I don't care if my answers are'nt right, bloody let me win
  • good idea?
  • Yo, keep up the good work Brian!
  • pick me
  • Pick me
  • free stuff is tight
  • P-Rod's gonna be on TV for sure.
  • this is rad if i win! can you give me some tight jeans in like 28 too? jk.
  • what??????????????????????????????
  • SPOT is tight give me some stuff
  • skatepark of tampa is awesome
  • What can i win?
  • Totally sweet way to give stuff away!
  • keep up the good work people!
  • sweet
  • it is cool
  • hook me up with the chocolate
  • gimmie da goods
  • bill pownz
  • I am an old dude, if it is geared toward old farts let me win.........I still run up to rails, no comply, finger flip and do benny hanas. what up sucka!!!!!
  • favorite terrain what about that rad thign we call slalom lol
  • Sho' me dem TITTIES
  • free s--t is where it's at
  • Its cool enter it but dont beat me
  • awesome
  • ok dude
  • it'd be sick to win
  • spot is the best
  • rad
  • its awsome that you have a giveaway
  • This is...fun?
  • crazy its like family fued from hell, its great
  • swwweeeeeeeeeeettttttttttt....I hope I weeeennn...
  • shuggga son!
  • Tampa F**king Rocks
  • give rob menorek a board
  • hottest chick? hot good/popular? or hot like fine?
  • rstiukryufihl;ioph'poj'
  • I want it all...
  • kids today are shallow
  • #9 should have been what was the only one you'd be caugt dead wearing, shorts is the only sane answer
  • Its mad good idea
  • Gooooooooooooooooooooooooood
  • nice giveaway idea good questions i realized during i wouldnt be caught dead wearing question that i had on a "crooked hat" nice
  • word
  • nope
  • I want some free stuff
  • COOL
  • cool dude
  • i better win
  • questions left blank weren't worth answering
  • cool concept for a contest.
  • its awsome
  • I will win!!
  • yay
  • i think its okay
  • its really cool
  • This is Crazy
  • good idea
  • pick me so i can give my ghetto neighborhood kids more free s--t
  • man this is alright but you have to have better questions!!
  • i need new product very badly. blah blah blah whiney whiney begging
  • pick meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!please.
  • w00t I could use a hook up!
  • Ok Here's My Comment:......
  • neato
  • nope i win right??
  • I'm coming to SPoT for springbreak, I leave to the airport in 30 minutes
  • me first and the gimme gimmes
  • what europe's best skater???
  • I hope i win, I
  • I hope i win, I've been entering contests for 3 years to win these things and i never do!!!
  • Somethin' different.
  • its cool
  • hope i win peace~~$~~
  • sk8boardin' 24h a day, 365 days a year
  • matt welsh if u judge this pick me i have glue holding my face 2 gether
  • ya you guys are fuckin dorks but thanks for the stuff if i win.
  • im poor
  • I got nothin against Shane Ward, but I have no idea who he is, sorry buddy. Haha, and I know my answerswill suck because they're not what I think they're what I try to think other peopel will think.
  • to many qustions spot is the s--t
  • I filled this out drunk, I hope I win.
  • I wanna win.....lol
  • Give me free stuff. Least I don't lie.
  • kooolest give away ever
  • i won
  • its cool keep doing it
  • great idea. Keep skating!
  • its awsome
  • i love you
  • I want to win!
  • im entering this to try and win i dont have alot of money so winning this would help me out alot
  • I want to win
  • i tied to ropes together last night, KNOT
  • sweet giveway idea
  • original giveaway, and dont understand
  • Skateboarding...100% pure awesomeness on wheels.
  • um........it's cool?
  • I better win
  • its cool ur giving stuff out for free
  • You guys have an awesome site!
  • GNARLY DOOD. lol. jk
  • I hope I win. that was sarcastic
  • hard questions
  • can i have your skateboard, mister?
  • what is this?
  • chris cole tears it
  • give me free shit, NOW!!!!!!!!!!
  • Give the stickers out for free
  • ....nah
  • rad
  • i hope i win
  • I hope I win, even though I'm not going to.
  • hook me up!
  • for number 10, you should have added mimi knoop
  • free stuff rocks
  • Whattt!!!
  • no one ever wins this stuff
  • mer
  • i better not have to pay for anything
  • This is fun!
  • it's pretty cool
  • i'm fo shizzle gona win this nizzle
  • when do i get my prizes?
  • This something totaly different, that's cool!
  • let me winnnnn
  • cool
  • yes sir
  • i hope i win
  • raddddd narlyyyyyyy tampas gayyyy
  • huhh
  • This was a good Idea. I Hate TAPS!!!!!! Rep. Those loose pants.
  • its sweeeet! i hope i win. i luv SPoT
  • cool man
  • i love it
  • bite it you scum
  • swazey
  • yea yea
  • blah
  • pretty dope
  • durrhh
  • bad ass idea.
  • hook it up bros!
  • ya'll are laaame
  • You're awesome
  • skatepark of tampa is wicked
  • these questions were hard!
  • i hope i win....... :-\
  • i need some stuff man...
  • biach
  • poop
  • my brithday is thursday March 24th, so winning this would be pretty sick
  • dvfdsvdsvassssssssssss
  • i better win!!! lol
  • it totally rocks dude!?!
  • the spot must really have low self esteem
  • i better win
  • haha this is sweet
  • Thanks!
  • crazy cool stuff
  • I picked whats not the most popular, but what I think... so hip
  • its tite
  • please let me win
  • haha fun stuff, keep it coming
  • this is awsome keep up the good work fellas
  • please let me win
  • skateparkoftampa is d best place to skate
  • dope
  • its fking awesome
  • kris dapree is gay
  • shirt size=M , deck size = 7.75
  • Old guys like me answer alot differently than the youth of today.
  • wazuuuuuuuuuuuup!!!!!
  • give away baker decks
  • I like the idea
  • if the one about ryan clements being fired is wrong i dont wanna be right
  • jesus says keep on pimping
  • i hope i win
  • does it work for english dudes?
  • sucks
  • pick me im poor
  • i wish tupac and biggie were here to witness such a momentous occassion
  • haha
  • ..pretty cool
  • this is pretty rad !
  • Let's see what the kooks think
  • Its my opinion
  • uhh...
  • pick me to win
  • this is kinda funny
  • I should definitely win.
  • do we get stuff anyays
  • I hardly understand this.
  • I got this s--t fo 'cho...
  • this is a very good idea for kids who can't afford this kind of stuff but know alot about sk8ing and are a good or someone who loves skating.
  • more give aways more kids open there eyes to tampa
  • Do I have to pay for the shipping
  • please don't spit in my eggs! -Mort Goldmen
  • i win
  • i wanna win
  • it is kinda weird
  • i dunno
  • spot4life nigguh
  • its awesome
  • skating is my life!!!!
  • pretty cool, but the prizes are somewhat the same
  • gives it to mees please
  • hey, wats up? runescape for life!
  • Yeahh.. pretty cool! TAMPA kicks ass..
  • pimp
  • If I get first, give me the chocolate deck, blind blows
  • nice
  • nice
  • dirty asian pigs are going to take over the world it will be a asian invasion
  • hoonie nani
  • i want a deck
  • spot rocks
  • hhhhhuio
  • hell ya i love free stuff
  • this is very strange
  • stickers?
  • i like boobs!
  • eat a baby!
  • it has strange answers
  • dosasambar
  • Clyde Singleton owns.
  • cool
  • you guys have the best skating site and shop
  • This is soooo f--king funny......excuse my language.
  • Cool idea.
  • its awsome and good luck
  • pick me
  • rad Idea...If you actually came up with it
  • i bet i dont win 2nd i never win but i dont care lol
  • its chill
  • cool
  • this is pure genius, you guys rule. only problem- not everyone knows who your employees are.
  • if its shoes size 13
  • Funny stuff.
  • when will we be receiving the stuff.
  • Damn u givin some sick ass prizes!
  • its tight
  • I hope I win!
  • its greasy
  • its awesome
  • hows it goin spot
  • who the hell came up with that idea
  • i better win.
  • f--k first place i want second
  • please let me win, i really need it
  • i love you
  • give me s--t so i can sell it and buy recycled air
  • Im gonna win no doubt!
  • I wanna win...my decks are broke and parents have a not so good job =M
  • very random indeed but a good way to waste 10 minutes of my boardem. Cheers. Mark Reddyhoff
  • This is an awesome giveaway, SPoT os very generous for this
  • spot is sick
  • I probably didn't answer very good, but I really wanted to win something for my son!
  • you should have a different one every week dude.
  • cool beans
  • letsbeserious@gmail.com
  • I only picked what I think would be the most common answers.
  • i dunno... i thought i was the hottest lookin female skater
  • it's awsome
  • You rock!
  • sorta rad
  • yaeh dude, word
  • man yous gotta give me some stuff. im broke.
  • birdwatchers rule!
  • i saw you guys down here in houston at the skatejam and it seems that you all love giving things away, so throw some stuff this way!
  • Skatepark of Tampa Is The BEST !!!!!!!!!
  • yo hook me up
  • Hooray for the lowest common denominator!
  • yo hook me up
  • men im flet broke and i need a board to keep skating.
  • i should win because im poor
  • I don't understand the directions to this thing. I just want the third place t-shirts. Yes, I am a girl who can't skate for anything. I just like watching people skate who really know how and do it well. I also don't know who anybody is on this quiz.
  • what?
  • im bored, its prolly worthless
  • i like cheese..... mmmmmm booogie
  • i dont have internet any more if i win please call me and i will drive to tampa to pick up my stuff thankyou 1-561-234-0235
  • pick me
  • sweet!~
  • awesome
  • this is gay
  • animalvestal@yahoo.com
  • whats the prize ,this is cool
  • poop
  • whos chad muska
  • I hope I win???
  • Wel this is cool
  • i love u!!!
  • hook it up
  • can i be the winner?
  • good questions
  • i made that in 4th grade now i skate
  • Yeah free s--t
  • this is pretty cool
  • wierd
  • exelent

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