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Matt Selego's Euro Trip

Posted on Monday, June 27, 2005 by MattS

Here are some Ancient Egyptian dice that I came across at the Louvre. Do you think they played 'cee-lo' back then?
This was the first time I actually walked up to the Tower. It was right around sunset, which is around 10:30pm here. Once an hour the tower sparkles with hundreds of strobes and everybody cheers.
This is a random painting at the Louvre. Check the dude with the knife in his head on the right. There was more than one. Apparently a knife in the head was a popular subject. The Louvre is a mile long and has about three miles of wall space. Still haven't seen everything there and I have been twice.
Jim Morrison's grave has been redone. It looks like he died yesterday if you didn't know better. Oscar Wilde's tomb is really cool, too. There is lipstick all over it from chicks kissing it.
This is a gold with gator skin trim Nikon. This was at a small museum that was dedicated to the history of photography. They had all types of cameras. It is in Berieves, which is a small town outside of Paris that has a photo flea market once a year. That was the day I was there and scored a new point and shoot Yashica T5 with a waist-level viewfinder. It's pretty tight.
Matt Selego's Euro Trip
Words and Photos by Matt Selego

Today is the Fete de la Musica. There is music going on in every corner of the city. It is to celebrate the summer solstice. The metros are running all night - it should be pretty fun. I am going to see Mad Professor (dub reggae) and then the Dresden Dolls. I think they are considered emo or something...I've never really listened to them though. Tell the whole SPoT crew that I said 'hi.'

Keepin' it real in Europe,

Matt Selego


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