Chris Lehman Comes Up $4k

Posted on Tuesday, June 28, 2005 by Rob

Last time I remember Chris Lehman taking a money shot like this, he was pretty far ahead in a heated dice game. Shortly after, he got wiped clean like a table. Let's hope this loot doesn't disappear as quick
Chris Lehman closing in on 4 g's
Ryan Clements with the sophisticated man's mohawk. Not sure what this photo was doing in the pile Dark Jay gave me. Oh well, add it to the list of Ryan Clements Hair Cuts
Chris Lehman at some half done back yard mini
Who dat? Bomb dropper into the mini
Chris Lehman Comes Up $4k
Photos by Dark Jay, Words and Captions by Rob Meronek

At some mini ramp contest in Texas, SPoT team rider Chris Lehman took home four grand for getting second behind Omar Hassan. Here are words from the "Velocity Open Sk8board Jam." Yes, they spelled it with an "8."

McCaughen Park, Corpus Christi, Texas
The 2005 Velocity Open Sk8board Jam

Omar Hassan of Costa Mesa, California wins the Benjamin Velocity Open Sk8board Jam and $5,000 by edging out Chris Lehman of Tampa, Florida by 3/10 of a point. Out of 35 contestants, the strongest competitive field to date for the event, with the 80 % being pros or sponsored ams - the top 10 finishers were:

1. Omar Hassan -- Costa Mesa, California -- 90.0 -- $5000
2. Chris Lehman -- Tampa, Florida -- 89.7 -- $4000
3. Jon Comer -- Dallas, Texas -- 86.6 -- $3000
4. Jason Womack --Houston, Texas -- 86.3 -- $2000
5. Chaz Pinada -- Houston, Texas -- 85.9 -- $1000
6. Brian Rogers -- Corpus Christi, Texas -- 85.0
7. Robby Booker -- Dallas, Texas -- 84.1
8. Jason Schmale -- Austin, Texas -- 83.5
9. Bryan Botelho -- Corpus Christi, Texas -- 82.0
10. Cory Thornhill -- Austin, Texas -- 80.5
10. John Glaze -- Austin, Texas -- 80.5