Inside Schaefer's Loop: Transitions Art Gallery, Beers, and Bowling

Posted on Saturday, July 23, 2005 by Schaefer

Shawn is the proud owner of his own ball and shoes
Annie kicking everyone's ass and looking great doing it
Susie form the Soviettes, Will from Grabass, and my self promotion again
Soomi getting some fresh air from the steamer venue of ours
DJ Russ from the TV. Photo by my request
Captain Shawn for the TV
Shawn and his sack
Self promoting myself - Schaefer and Mike from the TV. One cool ass dude
I asked them to look as though something was really going on. Holy s--t, no one even broke a 100 actually
Kevin Coss thinking he should pad up and skate
Kate and Jen
Matt, Amanda, Mr. Pennywise, and Sean Albright
Samantha psyched to see her favorite band, The Soviettes
Richie, Dave, and Joe
Motley crew gearing up to get down with bowling
Russ, PJ from Grabbass, Travis from the Dukes, and Mr. Transitions Art Gallery himself, Matt Welch
Inside Schaefer's Loop: Transitions Art Gallery, Beers, and Bowling
Words and photos by Brian Schaefer

I always have tons of pictures from my travels, so I have decided to start posting them on the site. I always hesitate to put my own pictures and words on the site, but hell, I have a lot to say and way too many photos for the world to see. They will mostly be chill shots as my pocket camera isn’t the greatest at capturing skating. So here is my first collection of photos beginning from Transitions Art Gallery and ending at a bowling alley in Seminole Heights, Tampa. It was a great show and pure comedy with everyone bowling. Beers and bowling couldn’t have been a better combo. On the lanes and at the show we had our friends from The Soviettes, Tim Version, Dukes of Hillsborough, Add Magazine, Clairmel, Grabass Charleston, and others within our punk scene. Enjoy the few pics and there will be many more to come from behind my lens.


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