An Anthony Furlong Update

Posted on Tuesday, July 26, 2005 by News

An Anthony Furlong Update
Words by Rob Meronek and Anthony Furlong

If you see a Skatepark of Tampa shirt on TV, it's probably this guy. SPoT team rider Anthony Furlong is skating in those Dew Action Sports Tour contests that are on TV right now, or the idiot box as some people call it. I would never call it that. TV rocks. Anyway, Furlong is going nuts on the motocross thing as you can see in the photos he sent. Here’s some words from him:

I just got back to Woodward from Denver, which was the 2nd stop of the Dew Action Sports Tour. I placed 5th, and it was by far the hardest contest I’ve ever been in. The runs were so gnarly. The list of heads that made their runs and still didn’t make the 10-cut was wild: Sandro Dias, Rune Glifberg, Chris Gentry, Tas Pappas, and Matias Ringstrom were some of them. Top five was Bucky Lasek, Pierre Luc Gagnon, Shaun White, Andy MacDonald, and me. Anyhow I'll be here at Woodward until I join the Warped Tour in Indianapolis on July 19.

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