Florida Skimboarders Crossover Tour Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Florida Skimboarders Crossover Tour

Posted on Wednesday, August 17, 2005 by Rob

Since all the skims take their shirts off, we should not be sexist and make the skim chicks do that, too
The Ty Evans of skimboarding?
There were long boards, short boards, and dozer boards in the Contest - this is a long board no shirt comply
Adam Burgess, Chapin Atchison, and Barak Wiser seem to be having a good time judging, or Scotty just said something funny to that chick
The skims are big fans of the manual
Brandon Rothe, who won the Contest, boardslides while his girl fends off the lines Scotty is throwing out
Florida Skimboarders Crossover Tour
Words and Photos by Rob Meronek

Every year, these pro skimboarders come to our park and have a skate contest between themselves. Scotty Conley is on the mic announcing the Contest for this diverse group of skaters. A few quotes from Scotty are below. Thanks to Brandon Rothe, the dude who won, for not getting hot on Scotty for hitting on his girlfriend, the timekeeper, too much.

  1. Brandon Rothe - Laguna Beach, Roush Skimboards, Tavik
  2. Brad Evers - Vilano Beach, Slotstick, Xtrak, Skim City
  3. Austin Bleiweiss - Naples, Zap, Run Drop Slide, Spy, Everglide, Old Naples Surf Shop
  4. Jake Hendry - Vilano Beach, Run Drop Slide, Skim City, Skim Tech
  5. Morgan Just - Laguna Beach, Victoria Skimboards, Run Drop Slide, Skim City, Xtrak, Slick Wax
  6. Jed Currington - Volano Beach, Zap, Run Drop Slide, Skim City, Set in Stone
A Small Sample of Scotty Conley's Mic Comments
  • "Tic tac. Tic tac. Tic tac...carve."

  • "Welcome to the Wooden Wave Park of Tampa."

  • "I thought we were going to have skins vs. shirts but since all you guys already took your shirts off, it's skins vs. skins."

  • "Whoa, he just carved the ground so hard."


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