Vans Downtown Showdown Results Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Vans Downtown Showdown Results

Posted on Monday, September 5, 2005 by Rob

Vans Downtown Showdown Awards, Results, and Chill Time
Words by Ryan Clements
Photos and Captions by Rob Meronek

Josh Harmony, Billy Marks, Kevin the Team Manager, and Matt Bennett from Toy Machine - they get to sit down and decide how they will split up $50,000. Could you imagine doing that with your friends? Vans, Tylenol, and Scion will be paying Toy Machine bar tabs for quite a while. Billy Marks may have already lost his from throwing dice by the time you read this
Andrew Reynolds accepts some pocket change from Tylenol
I wonder if skateboarding gets a little boring when you can do any trick you want like Chris Cole. He won the Top Pro award and another nice trip to the bank
Angel Ramirez should get some dental work with the $9,000 he took home
You never know whose girlfriend you're talking about, so I'll keep the comments on this photo to myself. It's perfectly ok to look, though
Steve Van Doren's dad started Vans back in 1966. Steve was working the entire time this weekend on the grill and making sure everyone was having a good time. He should get a Host of the Year Award or something
The young and the relentless - Ryan Sheckler and Ryan Clements
I guess you'll be seeing Jereme Rogers' interview on TV. It's supposed to be on the air pretty soon on Fox and Fuel TV
All those buildings you see in the background of all the photos are fake. The insides are empty and are used to create movie sets and stuff like that. The outsides of the building, like the brick, are made of some kind of plastic like material
Overall Team Winner ($50k) – Toy Machine
This consisted of the collective scores from all team members, which was actually even tougher for Toy Machine since they only had three skaters: Billy Marks, Josh Harmony, and Matt Bennett. That works for them though; because that means that they only had to split the money three ways. I heard that they were kicking down a G to Johnny Layton for the hell of it.

Top Pro Performance of the Day ($10k) – Chris Cole
With a second in the Tylenol Street Gap , a third in the Scion Bank-to-Bank , a twelfth in the Foundation Big Six , and a first in the Zero Bank/Stair Set , there was no denying that Cole won it.

Top Am Performance of the Day ($5k) – Angel Ramirez
$5,000 is a ton of money, especially to a struggling am. And since Angel already came up $4,000 on the Foundation Big Six, this additional $5,000 must have seemed like a dream come true. He earned it by skating four of the five obstacles and killing each and every one of them.

Tylenol Special Award ($5k) – Andrew Reynolds
They had an official, corporate title for it, but no one cares about that when we’re talking about $5,000. This was actually a last-minute surprise and it was supposed to go to a skater that went above and beyond. So we busted out one of those oversized checks and patted The Boss on the back for being that guy that ‘had it’ at the Showdown.

Other random cool stuff that I remember:


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