Vans Downtown Showdown: Scion Bank-to-Bank

Posted on Wednesday, September 7, 2005 by Ryan

Vans Downtown Showdown: Scion Bank-to-Bank
Words by Ryan Clements
Photos and Captions by Rob Meronek

Tosh Townend - backside 5-0
It wouldn't be a contest if someone didn't do the mandatory fatty to flatty. Billy Marks comes through with this kickflip
Jamie Thomas - back lip. Sorry you have to look at that annoying purple thing with the shakka art on the side. Seriously, what kind of kook feels cool rolling around in a busted whip like that?
Chris Cole - kickflip
Andrew Reynolds - kickflip melon. Holy crap that was so damn good. You know how a lot of flip + grab tricks look uglier than a fat chick? This one Drew did was beautiful like a skinny blond big boobed Cali girl
When Andrew Reynolds frontside flipped up on to the roof, it was pretty damn good. Then he one upped himself and did it to fakie nose manual - damn!
We collectively thought that this obstacle was going to be a total bust. Honestly, when you looked at, it really seemed a bit hurting. But that didn’t stop the teams from putting a hurting on it. It started off a bit slow and the music and mics were difficult to hear due to the location down at the end of the street, but when things got rolling, the Scion Jam was pretty entertaining.

Andrew Reynolds – Chalk up another win for the Baker team. I said to Andrew, “I haven’t seen you do a kickflip melon since the one you did at the Bro Bowl in The End.” He laughed and said, “I tried to kickflip it without grabbing, but didn’t think I could do it.” Andrew was the only one to do anything over the entire obstacle with the exception of ollies and footplants.
Braydon Szafranski – At this point Braydon was subbing for Antwuan, who didn’t feel good. I think he was going for nose manuals, but I don’t remember, and it looks like he didn’t pull anything because he got a big fat zero anyway.

Steve Nesser – Steve ollied the entire thing.
Aaron Suski – Suski did a bs tailslide across the top of the platform. I thought it was after time, but I guess not, because he ended up in second place.

Eric Koston – Sparkles was making fun of the Contest and did some thread-the-needle boneless on top of the platform. I don’t think he was feeling it.
Sean Malto – Considering Sean got a goose egg, looks like he didn’t pull jack crap.

Toy Machine
Billy Marks – I distinctly remember a 360 flip to manny across the platform and I think that he did a fs flip to switch manual, too. Considering the size of the gap to get up there, that was quite impressive.
Josh Harmony – Josh did a boardslide on the platform.

Corey Duffel – Corey ollied onto the platform and did a bs 180 to flat.
Gareth Stehr – Gareth was wrecking himself, but didn’t manage to pull anything off.

Jamie Thomas – I know Jamie wasn’t feeling this obstacle, but he still skated like a champ with a bs 5-0 and I believe a bs nosegrind, although he was having trouble holding onto the backside lip .
Chris Cole – Chris is a machine. He ended up in third, but I’ll be damned if I recall anything he did.

Daewon Song – Daewon has some killer stuff on the landing ramp side where you could skate it like a bank-to-ledge. His blunt was insane, but not enough to give him a good placing.
Cooper Wilt – Cooper was two for two...last place again.

Mike V. – Mike skated full force and took a hard fall on a fs 180 melon over the whole gimmick. The run-up to the obstacle kind of sucked, but Mike had no problem going Mach 5.
Tosh Townend – You would think that I would have remembered more of what went down, but cut me some slack because I was working, okay?

Scion Bank to Bank Team Results
4thToy Machine54.33
Scion Bank to Bank Individual Results
1stAndrew Reynolds94.00
2ndAaron Suski78.33
3rdChris Cole78.00
4thBilly Marks75.00
5thTosh Townend74.00
6thSteve Nesser71.00
7thCorey Duffel69.67
8thJamie Thomas69.33
9thMike Vallely68.33
10thEric Koston59.33
11thJosh Harmony33.67
12thDaewon Song33.33
13thBraydon Szafranski0.00
14thSean Malto0.00
15thGareth Stehr0.00
16thCooper Wilt0.00

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