Kinda Bored (Sober) ASR Lurking

Posted on Friday, September 9, 2005 by Rob

Kinda Bored (Sober) ASR Lurking
Words and Photos by Rob Meronek

I came back to the hotel room to get some work done, rub one out, and post some photos from ASR where we're at right now. Check out a small sample of the lurkin' hard going down here.

Volcom's booth is where many, many party tornados originate
Instead of the usual upskirt, I switched it up and this one is an upshirt. Too bad the upshirt is Scotty Conley. Ewww. These are some random girls that were in the hotel lobby. You should see the other photos
No need for an upskirt if you're wearing your undies on the outside
These are the only bare breasts you'll ever get to see on this PG13 website. I can't seem to get her off my mind...
Holy shakka attaka!
The Reef Girls - after you're done staring at those cheeks, check the shakka bra to the left trying to look cool for the camera. Chill out, dude. Your company sucks. Fellow pervs, hover here to zoom in
There's a new division of Nike SB called Nike 6.0 that will have a little bit more of a wider distribution, so you don't have to beat your friend up for his kicks or buy them for a G on eGay
The Plan B booth
All the shakka bra booths have a bikini girl in front. Fellow pervs, hover here for a close up
Even the bums in Cali are all cool guy, or at least trying to be. We were giving our new homeless friend here some drinks from the bar and our pillow case impromptu cooler and he was smashing the bottles in the street. Good times. Then we look down and he's rocking the D3's. I always wondered what happened to Dave Mayhew
Braydon Szafranski should be the new lead singer of Kiss
Barak Wiser and Braydon Szafranski, partners in hair farming
Baker and Flip's booth area with the mandatory hot chick at the entrance like you're not going to buy unless you get to check out some skin
Tha Admiral Gangsta Pad
The hot tub is definitely calling for a party
Downstairs is basically like a living room. It's a little roached out now that SPoT employees Chapin Atchison and Scotty Conley camped on the floor for a night
The upstairs bathroom is as long as the room itself. They have those extra dope robes. Scotty Conley was rolling around town with just boxers and a robe lookin' like Hugh Heffner on the streets or something
The upstairs bedroom is bigger than a normal sized hotel room

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