SPoT Team Member Matt Milligan

Posted on Wednesday, January 9, 2002 by TEAM

SPoT Team Rider
Matt Milligan
SPoT Team Memeber Date Of Birth the 50's
Place Of Birth Washington, D.C.
Home NEWELL street, San Francisco
Sponsors Skatepark of Tampa, Venture, FKD
Shoes I Path - Nate Jones
Board Size don't care
Trucks and Size Venture 5.0
Wheels and Size Spitfire 51mm
Started skating at what age? 12
How did skating begin? saw the kid down the street doing it, been hooked ever since
Favorite Terrain/Spot streets of S.F., Hong Kong, Toronto, F.M., Arizona, Spain
Favorite Trick backsmits,backtits,eggplants to fakie
Favorite Skate Video Yeah Right!, FM II, Video Days
Music anything that jams
Car rather be skating!!!
Interests Other Than Skating piling out
Influences Fort Myers crew, Gino Ianucci, Justin Bokma, Mike Carroll
Future Plans work in a lumber yard or become a Chipindale!!!
Last Words find it and grind it

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