West 49 Canadian Open Battle of the Brands Day 1: Friday

Posted on Saturday, October 1, 2005 by Rob

West 49 Canadian Open Battle of the Brands Day 1: Friday
Photos and captions by Rob Meronek

Nyjah Huston is there. That bump to thing looks pretty good. In the upper left is some kind of quarter launch to rail type thing that you'll see more of over the weekend
I call this thing the Danny No Way rail. What is the point of this thing? Eric Koston of course finds a way to have fun on it
Much of the Girl team is there. Jereme Rogers switch flipping on flat was more interesting to watch than the contest at some points
The place was looking pretty empty today for the qualifiers. I left early out of boredom and had a fantastic solo trip to a local strip bar. Two thumbs up for Toronto strip bars. And, you can put those two thumbs anywhere you want
I met Ronnie Creager in the airport on the way here. He's not leveled out on this bsts because he's about to do a perfect backside flip out of it
That step up looks pretty big. Not sure who that is doing a frontside 50-50 on the big rail. Is pizza pizza a new skate company? Probably not
Same dude I don't know doing a smith grind on one of the rails on the other side of the course. That bump to fence hop and rail thing on the right looks pretty fun

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