Orlando Lurking During The Dew Pro Contest

Posted on Monday, October 17, 2005 by Rob

Orlando Lurking During The Dew Pro Contest
Photos and Captions by Rob Meronek

Who butt dat? I have no idea, but Matt Milligan is pretty happy about it
Most Attactive Female of the Weekend Award goes to the Telemundo TV chick. She's the one on the right
It was fun watching from up in the sky box. We didn't even belong in there. We just kind of lurked up like we owned it and it worked out
Sean Albright makes a really ugly chick
I can't remember what we shouted to these girls to make them walk our way, but when this one chick got there she saw me with the camera and was like, "No photos, no photos." So I pulled the full paparatzi move on her and took as many as possible while I chased her up the stairs as she ran away. Her and her friend were not psyched, but at least I made my friends laugh - that's all that matters
If you come within 1,000 feet of me wearing a shirt that says, "I love skaters," you're going to get all kinds of random comedy thrown at you. These girls are here from Norway working at Disney. I told them I wanted to learn some Norwanese or whatever language they're speaking over there these days so I could appear sophisticated and cultured to the next Norway chicks I meet. So, I asked her how to say something extra raw in her language and she told me, but I can't remember. Oh well
Anthony Furlong's girlfriend Kim is about to bite my ear off like Mike Tyson
MySpace champ, Lea aka Brunettes are So Hot Right Now, and Sean Albright
Another mandatory trippy party photo. I have no idea who that dude is. I also have no idea why someone would wear a necklace that gay
Only in Florida do you find species such as this. Her shirt says, "Always under the mistletoe." Yikes. I bet she's been to every Whitesnake and Poison concert ever
The mandatory "from the floor" drunk people shot
This is Danielle. I don't know her, but when she was walking by, I shouted, "Aren't you a little old to be wearing a Bam shirt?" She was a very good sport at taking my heckling jokes
This is Kid Will from DC and his sister who has bed head on purpose
Brian Schaefer, Jereme Rogers, and Ronnie Creager
I saw fantastic credit card swipable cleavage hanging out of Robin's shirt (the one in the middle), so I faked a "Caroline, take a photo with me" deal so I could get a nice skin shot for you guys, but that damn bar messed it up. I just met Robin this weekend and when she told me that she writes skateboarding articles, I immediately gave her the skateboard knowledge full pop quiz. She passed, to my surprise. Robin knows her skateboarding. She's tough, too. Her first baby, come out sideways. Ok maybe not, but she does have some gnarly snowboarding injuries
Angry Rob and Sweet Caroline Kirkland. She used to work for Roxy and now is in marketing for that one extremist contest. She bought us lots of drinks

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