A Few Random SPoT Locals Photos Article at Skatepark of Tampa

A Few Random SPoT Locals Photos

Posted on Friday, November 11, 2005 by Rob

A Few Random SPoT Locals Photos
If you haven't been here in a while, there's a lot of new artwork on the walls back here in the kiddie course. On your right is one of several pieces by Chris Deacon. He uses a dremmel tool to etch the work into a piece of wood. Matt Seemen is wallriding from the quarter onto the bank - a very awkward roll back in
Damn, why did the weird guy skateboarding with a man purse have to be Asian? Them wacky orientals
Jason Fintel has been wearing the same gear since Sunday, but you can't really tell because he's got that clean cut shakka bra stee going on. That smell's not clean cut, though. This is an alley-oop wall ride
Danny Fialko only needed a few tries to make this switch varial heel
It's nice to see the locals getting better and better. Danny Fialko added a few tricks to his bag since I've seen him last, even though he's gotten himself grounded too much and unable to skate. This is a nollie inward heel over the hip
Craig Caths works behind the counter and is one of the few artists whose work I'm definitely feeling. This is a nollie cab over the hip
I met Brandon Baker a few months ago while skating in the Park. He was still a full beginner and could barely boardslide the bump to flat bar, which of course led to hater comments on his photo. Luckily he can ignore that, have fun, and just skate. He's definitely progressing and can now 360 flip the hip


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