A Session at That St. Pete Park Article at Skatepark of Tampa

A Session at That St. Pete Park

Posted on Friday, December 16, 2005 by Rob

A Session at That St. Pete Park
Right at the end of our session, this eleventeen-year-old looking girl here shows up with her mom and a kid they were babysitting. If you started college today, you could get a degree before this girl turns 18. Yep, she's one full presidential term away from legal. Oh well, she was nice enough to pose with that crazy outfit to spice up this photo of Steve Brandi doing a 5-0 across and down that hubba
Steve Brandi ollied up to this 50-50 from the two stair on the right. That bank thing is pretty fun. It's steep enough to be challenging but not so steep that you can't come out fakie on it
Mike Derewenko on the other side of the lens - frontside 50-50 on one of the hubbas there
Right after Matt MacMillen serves you this long frontside nosegrind, he's going to serve you a coke in the Snack Bar. Nice, another ripping Snack Bar employee. Welcome to the SPoT staff Matt
Adam Burgess has a stylish looking jump down the 3 flat 3 double set there
Words and Photos by Rob Meronek

I don’t know about directions from anywhere else, but here’s how you get there from Tampa. Go down 275 South to St. Pete. Pass the stadium and stay on 275 South going toward the St. Pete Beaches. Merge left at the 54th Street exit and go left at the off ramp. Go down about a mile or two and turn right on 16th Street. One or two lights down is a large recreation type park on your left. Take a left at 64th Street (there's a stoplight there) and you’ll see the park on your left. Apparently, you’re supposed to pay and wear a helmet now, but when we went there was no one there and no one was wearing pads.


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