Tampa Am 2006 Wednesday

Posted on Wednesday, January 25, 2006 by Rob

Tampa Am 2006 Wednesday
Words and Photos by Rob Meronek

On Wednesday during Tampa Pro, there are more SPoT employees in the building than pros. During Tampa Am, it's the complete opposite and the place is packed with hungry ams. Right now the course is still being completed so the only thing skateable is the new barge - a step up, stair set, and rail. Things are already getting ripped up.
Minneapolis is here, well part of it. Ryan Yost - feeble grind
The Hale Family is here. This is Cody Hale doing a perfect 360 flip down the stair set
SPoT employee Robbie Kirkland - kickflip front board on the new rail
Jeffrey Marshall aka Lil' Joe Dirt is growing up and getting cleaner and cleaner. He's got a nice looking frontside flip down the stair set
Adam Dyet's first trick on the rail - a crooked grind easier than you and me can use the rail to walk down the steps
Look at how leveled and perfectly caught Cody Hale's heel flip down the stair set it. That's Marius Syvanen on BGP's
Jeffrey Marshall - hard flip down the stair set
Ben Gore just had an interview in this month's FTK Magazine. The good interview is in the back of the mag, though. You'll see. Ok, maybe not. This is a frontside nosegrind on the new rail

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