SPoT Team Member Allen Russell

Posted on Thursday, January 10, 2002 by TEAM

SPoT Team Rider
Allen Dean Russell
SPoT Team Memeber Date Of Birth 8/08/74
Place Of Birth Pensacola, FL
Home less
Sponsors SPoT, Adio, Venture
Shoes Adio
Board Size 8
Trucks and Size Venture 5.25
Wheels and Size Spitfire 55mm
Started skating at what age? 11
How did skating begin? Found my first board (first brand name board- Alva w/ Gullwing Trucks and sims wheels) at an abandoned skatepark near my house in Ft. Myers.
Favorite Terrain/Spot City street skating, concrete, bowls, parks, everything really. I try to find different, abstract stuff to ride.
Favorite Trick Nollie kickflip, 180 heelflips. NAH! Just grinds...
Favorite Skate Video FM II
Music Classic rock/punk rock/metal
Car '72 Plymouth Valiant
Interests Other Than Skating Checkin out chicks
Influences Used to be a select few- they already know who they are. But now, it's almost everyone I meet/just observe and take the good values with you.
Future Plans Whatever happens to 28 year-old skaters faced with reality? F*c& it! I'm gonna keep skating.
Last Words Make every day count. Enjoy every session like it's the last no matter who it's with. Never, ever give up. Oh yeah, and LURK ON THIS motherf*c%ers. That's what's up.

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