Tampa Am 2006 Way Underage Nightlife

Posted on Monday, February 6, 2006 by Rob

Tampa Am 2006 Way Underage Nightlife
Photos by Diane Gregson

These photos were sent in by Diane Gregson, mom of Chris Gregson. Chris seems to have left vert behind similar to Colin Provost. Sure seems like the VCR has a brighter future than vert does. Oh well, things can change overnight as we've seen in the past.

It's going to be at least two presidents from now before we see these kids who skated Tampa Am in the grown up night life shots, at least legally.


Diane's caption: Alan Young, Chris Gregson, David Loy, Tyler Hawkins, Carissa

Rob's caption: Water and cokes all around - wow, those were the bad old days. Check out the Emo Freddy Kruger and the real Freddy Kruger next to him without his red striped shirt. Give those two kids on the left a haircut in their dreams

Diane's caption: Cameron Provost, Carissa, David Loy, David Gonzales, Riley Hawk, Burke Gamblin, Collin Provost

Rob's caption: Burke Gamblin is gamblin'. The way underage dice circles are not quite as baller status as the grown up games are

Diane's caption: David Gonzales, David Loy, Riley Hawk

Rob's caption: What's up with the hair farming little kids these days? How come Riley didn't skate the Vert Contest? I guess when you're that age, the last thing you want to be is like your dad. Oh well, at least he's not rebelling by rollerblading or pogo sticking

Diane's caption: Collin Provost, David Loy, Chris Gregson, Zach Miller

Rob's caption: I guess there's a lot of chilling in the arcade when you're far from 21. That's Chris Miller's son on the right. If Collin and Chris Gregson peer pressure him into quitting vert skating, I bet Chris Miller will go completely postal on the Provost and Gregson families

Rob's caption: Just because there's nothing to do doesn't mean you can't hold it down late night. The time on this photo is 2:28 am. I took it while stumbling home one night from Tampa Am. I saw Eric Fletcher, David Gonzales, David Loy, Josh Borden, and others sitting around in the parking lot. They must have ran out of quarters for the video games

Diane's caption: Eric Fletcher, Chris Gregson, David Loy

Rob's caption: I'm a fan of that kid right there on the left. He used to ride for Girl and now is on Flip skating with the style of a grown man

Diane's caption: Unknown person

Rob's caption: What the hell is that kid wearing? Did he get dressed up for the Moat Race?

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