Nike Zoom Tre Weekend Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Nike Zoom Tre Weekend

Posted on Saturday, February 11, 2006 by Rob

Nike Zoom Tre Weekend
Words and Photos by Rob Meronek

The last night of sneaker talk and partying courtesy of Nike was Saturday at some high class joint in downtown Portland. There were all kinds of kicks you haven't seen in the joint

The Nike warehouse is a super fun park. They have everything from big to small and also a mini ramp and bowl

They really focused on making the Zoom Tre a very advanced technical shoe - best sole for impacts, best durability on the outside, best flexibility in the sole, etc. They gave us a pair to test out and they definitely got it right on all those points, but if you're extra picky about how your feet look like I am, these shoes might not be for you. I think they're worth a try, though. If only Dunks had soles like that. We also got to see the new line for the rest of the year. It's all top secret so no photos were allowed. High five to whoever's designing the Nike apparel. It's looking super good

I renamed the Department of Skateboarding the Department of Hangovers. I still had a great time skating with a bad headache, though. That park has so much real stuff in it

Paul Rodriguez, Danny Supa, and Chet Childress were skating with us the whole time. Chet's doing a backside 360 nosegrab out of the bowl onto that bank

Burnside is scary. It makes me feel like a complete pile of worthless poop on a skateboard. It didn't help that we were there at 8am after shutting the bars down the night before

Does this spot look familiar? Someone call out what was done here. This is on the same corner that the Nike skate warehouse is at

I forgot Brian Sloane lives in Portland. Thanks for the downtown Portland nightlife tour

This is the reason we're here


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