Tampa Pro 2006 Random Lurkers Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Tampa Pro 2006 Random Lurkers

Posted on Monday, March 13, 2006 by Rob

Tampa Pro 2006 Random Lurkers
Below are a bunch of party and lurk photos from the weekend at Tampa Pro 2006. Thanks to Independet, PBR, and Red Bull for hooking up some fun parties.

Thanks to Red Bull and PBR for supplying us with plenty of alcohol for the Tampa Pro Party

The vert ramp was like the upstairs part of the club at the Tampa Pro Party

Tato Feliciano and his girl. Tato was there early and skating all day, everyday

Kevin Sullivan won $500 in the betting pool by being the closest to picking first and second place

Another random dude getting the tat

Somehow shots at the bar seem like a good idea, then you realize that was a bad idea in the morning, then you forget that and repeat the same thing the next night. It's a rough cycle. Pat Duffy and Kyle Berard got it down

There are lots and lots of Sheckler fans

Sean Albright and Preston manned the bar all night

Ryan Sheckler got a concussion in his second run. He still took his third after that, though. He won the Skateboarder Mag Worst Slam Award for that

Brian Schaefer at the Tampa Pro Party

Filmer Sara and Rob's sister at the Tampa Pro Party

Robbie Kirkland ended up here during the Tampa Pro Party. Damn, someone pull his pants up for him

Big baller poker games were going on every night into the early hours of the morning

Mike from NSS is down

Filmer Sara eats some disgusting food

Ian Gow got the tat

Leah got the tat

Matt Giles got the tat

Pat Duffy and Kyle Berard

Greg Lutzka - drink up!

I've met that girl like 80 million times and I can't remember her name - lame. There's about 40 other people I'm in that situation with. That's Clint Peterson and we're all making our best mean face

Curtis Valentine double fisting as usual at the Tampa Pro Party

Don Nguyen, Ryan Clements, and some dude with a thing in his nose

A random kid taking advantage of the free SPoT tats

Champagne shower - Greg Lutzka (1st) and Jereme Rogers (2nd)

If Austin Seaholm threw that trophy, it would probably kill at least two people

The locals - Adam Burgess, Scotty Conley, John Burgess

Ashley Harrison can check off one of the lifetime goals on her list - a photo with Ryan Sheckler

Dey run tings - Salman Agah, Brian Schaefer, Paul Zitzer, and Adam Burgess

Adam Burgess aka Sadam - looks like he's right there with me on a good beer buzz

Hottest Shaqueefa rep out - Amanda

Emily, Rob Meronek, Filmer Sara, and Filmer Mike - repping SPoT hard

Stop by today and you can get a free SPoT logo tattoo from Atomic Tattoos. This is Sarah showing off her new ink while Manny Santiago finishes undressing her with his eyes

The morning after in Ybor City was a huge mess from that St. Patty's Day Parade that went down Saturday night

Thanks to Red Bull and PBR for another fun party at the Skatepark

Things are already getting extra loose and it's only Wednesday...


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