Kyle Stone's Photos Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Kyle Stone's Photos

Posted on Tuesday, April 11, 2006 by Adam

Photos by Kyle Stone
Words by Adam Burgess

Who Kyle Stone? That’s right, a local TPA photographer getting’ that work. Kyle has been cruisin’ the plank for two decades with an open mind and great appreciation for all aspects of life. When I think of Kyle, I think of a cultural junkie who just can’t get enough of a fix. His addiction involves all genres of music, film, art, political movements, books, and of course schralping. Kyle is always down to hold it down, and he isn’t afraid to push through the streets. Big Ups Kornelius!

Renaldo, aka David Cruz, Half Cab flip
Guru Kyle strolling the streets
T4Prez, aka Tommy Presley, nollie half-cab switch krillz
Crouching Ian (front BS), Hidden Sadam (smith grizzle); doubles yo!
Sadam, Shifty YBor
Sadam, aka Adam Burgess, FS Ollie
Homies straight loungin’
McMillz, aka Matt MacMillen, BS 180 in Grimy YBor City
Metta, aka Ian Gow, FS Smith


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