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A Random Trip to San Francisco

Posted on Thursday, April 20, 2006 by Ryan

A Random Trip to San Francisco
Words and Photos by Ryan Clements

I went to SF for vacation and it ended up almost being a skate mission. The first night I was there I heard there was an "It's Official" Premiere about four blocks from my hotel. What better way to spend your first night in San Francisco, right? There were so many heads there that I thought that I was at a trade show. Other than hitting up the standard tourist stuff, I also go the opportunity to skate the DLX private TF. What an experience...

This one is a classic, right? That's HUF on the left and Lizard on the right. The old (but not forgotten) is welcoming in the new...
I got a stinky-ass kiss from the Lizard of Oz. I love that kid.
I didn't talk to him, but Lil' Stevie was there.
L to R: LJ, Milligan, Elissa - Milligan knew I was in town because I called ahead of time, but LJ was surprised to see me. I saw these three and then Elissa introduced me to the entire 6 Newell crew, including Julien.
So there I am, hanging with the legendary Barker Barrett. Any function in SF is like a trade show...I thought that I was at ASR.
All I can say is "HOLY $H!T!" Watch "It's Official" and tell me that Jackson Curtain isn't insane. It's Curtain(s) for certain, right? I always thought that Jack was cool, but I had no idea how good he was until I saw his closing part.
L to R: Jackson Curtain, Karl Watson, Justin Williams. Karl said to me, "I'm so stoked that you made it." I was like, "Yeah, it's great to be here." I was acting like I wasn't on vacation.
This is John. He has a killer back tail, works at DLX, and rips the Dojo on the weekends. I would like to thank him, Milligan, Geo, and LJ for picking me up and taking me out for a great session.
You see that Gonz artwork? That $h!t is as priceless as Milligan's 5-0.
Oh yeah...Barker Barrett had the killer hurricanes on the marble ledge. You should have heard it...


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