Weekend At Frosty's Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Weekend At Frosty's

Posted on Monday, May 15, 2006 by Rob

Weekend at Frosty's
Words and Photos by Rob Meronek

This weekend we took the Clem-350 down to Bradenton - a medium sized town about an hour south of Tampa with lots of biker bars. We were there to visit SPoT employee Frosty's parents' house with a small skate misson worked into it. Check out a few photos from our adventure below.

Frosty, thanks for the beers, pizza, poolside chill time, and the front rock photo

Running and pushing uphill sure sucks. That's your only option at this bank to wall spot. Ryan Dodge has it no problem, even after I blew it on the first sequence (1.2mb gif file)

I think Ryan Clements brought back the shorts and black socks stee. Must be summer. This is a back tail on that steep bank thing

Ryan Clements has a lot of tail block photos on the site, but not as many melon grabs as I do

There's stuff under construction everywhere in Bradenton just like Tampa

It wouldn't be a normal skate session if we didn't stop in the hood for at least one spot. There's an audience of thugs on the porch behind me watching Ryan Dodge's switch heel flip on this left over house foundation


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