Warped Tour 2006 Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Warped Tour 2006

Posted on Monday, June 26, 2006 by Rob

Warped Tour 2006
Words and Photos by Rob Meronek

As we were rolling up to the gate, the meathead on the walkie talkie sent the call, "I got Skatepark of Tampa here with two duallies, a BBQ grill, and about 25 people." The reply was, "Yeee haw!" and a warning not to get kicked out or it would be our last Warped Tour - the same warning we got the other four years we got kicked out. This time we behaved somewhat and lasted for the entire day, but plenty of people had their feelings hurt on the bullhorn. It's ok, though. None of them were skateboarders. Check out a few photos from the day below.

Early morning before we set up, Matt Giles took $20 each from Clements and I to make this kickflip in 10 tries or less. He made it perfect on his last try

Victims were told it's water soluable spray paint and comes off real easy. There's no such thing. This was regular old ghetto spray paint and they were stuck with these things all day and then some

Some people would try to run up to the booth to say something after getting sprayed. The crew would just unleash right as they started to speak. Harsh

If you're friends with me, send me an email for the rated R version

I bet they sure do

Abdias Rivera and Chris Lehman were on Super Soaker duty all day

Ben claims another victim of the stencil

Fighting for boards was pretty dull compared to nipples flying out all day

The SPoT logo messes your day up once again. That's Wayne Schaefer offering up some encouragement

Brian Schaefer with some Milk Challenge girls who played as a team

Whatever milk you don't finish goes over your head

The Milk Challenge winner is the dry guy in the center. That's Nate on the bullhorn. He's responsible for many boobies coming loose that day

Body needs to feed these girls so they can step up to Shaqueefa status

Brian Schaefer didn't break his collar bone this year. We were both on this ramp skating completely hammered

Jon Comer - blunt fakie

Nate and Brandon Bristol were the make out champs of the day

A small sample of the stencil victims for the day


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