Random Lurking in Prague Day 1

Posted on Sunday, July 9, 2006 by Rob

Random Lurking in Prague Day 1
By Rob Meronek

Sick skate spot in the Prague airport. It's right on top of the luggage carrier thing. Would you risk it and try to skate it? We decided we would not get in trouble before we even got to our hotel so we skipped it

Within a few minutes of checking into some random hostel we found, Preston and I were across the street having our first beer. This is Lucy with us. She owns the joint and plays lots and lots of techno

Here's the music categories at Lucy's bar. Black music? Lucy's not feeling it. It's techno all the way for her

Oh yeah, there's a contest this weekend. By the time we got there, I was too hammered to take skate photos. People were ripping, though

Joey Brezinski was at the Contest

There were a lot of weird cigarettes like this floating around in the stands at the Contest. Prague rips

Non-English speaking female skateboarding fans. Prague rips

Tony Trujillo's band Bad $h!t played at the Contest. That's Jake Phelps with him

These girls are from Germany. They work for some magazine covering the event. My curiosity is at an all time high with these Europe girls. I was pretty much rummaging through this girl's purse looking at all the weird stuff she had like German money and a funny looking driver's license. Check out her accent: a very sexy way to say frontside flip

Many of the streets and sidewalks are unskateable marble brick like this. That building at the end of the road is our home base for the weekend

I'm a really picky eater. So far, the food has been great. This chicken dinner at some random restaurant here was about ten bucks in US money

The churches here, as in most countries, are the richest and most elaborate buildings. I guess god really likes nice stuff

Some of the architecture here is crazy

Preston took us to this really fun spot. That's Schaefer on a wall ride right here

Preston Maigetter is our tour guide for this trip. He has taken us to some damn good spots - both for skating and for general lurking

What do you got on this?

Preston said Howard Cooke ollied onto this thing, rode it down, power slid before hitting the curb, then bombed the hill below

I got a nice shin dinger before making this frontside ollie. How come banks always look mellow in photos?

Pivot fakie with my Asian Elvis hair. I'm in mid-length crisis right now. I stopped cutting my hair. Anyone want to get in a hair growing contest?

It's takes a little work to get up to where Preston's wall riding

Check this spot out - it's a fun one. Preston and I filmed an old man line. Ollie over the bar/hip then manual across the pad built into that bank

The top of some random building. They put a lot of detail into their work

Some random friends we made lurking around the streets. Those two girls on the left are named Honka and Donka. I couldn't stop laughing at that one

We posted up for several hours at the base of this clock tower having beers and laughs while we checked out all our fellow tourists

When you look to the right of that clock tower, you see this crazy castle

The statues and detail on the buildings are amazing

How gay would us three dudes look riding in the back of that thing? We'd fit right in with the man purses, fag bags, and Air Ghandi's that are way too popular here

This Euro chick is not sitting very lady-like. Hell yeah

Another food photo. This is some kind of sausage

Schaefer went through US airport security and airport security in Germany twice with these two knives in his carry on bag. I get stopped and have my bag searched for a damn skate tool. Looks like they're doing a fantastic job

While were getting extra loose at the clock tower, we spotted Ronnie Creager. He held it down with us for a couple hours and a few beers

This is a big 360 degree TV that everyone is watching the soccer games on

This man doesn't speak English, but that didn't stop us from becoming friends and having a drink together

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