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A Few More Days in Prague

Posted on Saturday, July 15, 2006 by Rob

A Few More Days in Prague

We switched up to a hotel for the remaining few days. This is the view from our window. Those buildings almost look fake

Czech Pub. Good food. Let's taste it. I did. It was good

If we had rope, we could get down to that spot

We ran into Ricardo Olivera on the streets of Prague. He won the Mystic Cup Contest a few days ago

We sat on some lawn overlooking the city where tons of people were drinking and making new friends. This is our new friend Karolina from a nearby city in the Czech Republic. Seriously one out of five girls here is off the charts beautiful like she is. We were on our way to the Stalin skate spot when we stopped for a beer here. After meeting Karolina and her friends, we never made it to the skate spot and ended up hanging out until daybreak the next morning

Lots of you are pretty quick to call girls sluts, especially you girls doing it to other girls. The girls we met here are not sluts, but they're down for the floor shot. Thanks, Karolina

More social lubricant courtesy of Brian Schaefer

I can't remember their names, but these girls both skate and have boyfriends that came from Europe to skate Tampa Am last year

Some boy hungry Prague girls. They both didn't speak any English but were skateboarding fans. That's all we needed to become friends

Her name's also Karolina. Since we couldn't communicate with words, we had to draw pictures for each other. Fun times with the language barrier for sure

More amazing architecture in downtown Prague

This is the view from the lawn where we got stuck drinking all night

Finally, we made it to Stalin. You would not belive this place. Best ground ever, all marble ledges and benches, hot ass chicks just sitting around everywhere, lots of locals skating, and more. It was pretty unreal

More stuff at Stalin Plaza in Prague. Stair set, stair set drop off ledge, plus you could do stuff over the ledge and down the gap on the left

There's a huge rail at Stalin also

So there's so much marble laying around you can make other stuff out of it like this marble launcher

...or stack it to make a bench. See those two girls on the right walking through the park on a dark night? Yep, perfect 10's. They're everywhere

Karolina was our tour guide for a couple nights. While roaming the streets one night, we ran into these girls from some country I can't remember. Their friend was passed out wasted on the bench from one drink

I kept loosing the crew and ended up lost. This is a walk down some plaza that was pretty damn amazing

Mandatory shots of Absinth are being consumed here. Schaefer lit his on fire. Some of it spilled on his hand which lit the whole thing up. He swung it downward and Absinth flew everywhere lighting the floor on fire. It took about 10 seconds of frantic panic for him to finally get it put out. He got a nice set of burn blisters from that one. Below is our new frined Lars from Switzerland. He's claiming girls are better in Switzerland and left us all his contact info to stay with him here. Everyone's super friendly here

After many cans of sauce, we start to act like regular American assholes. Preston gets it done at the tap while the video game playing bartender trips out on us

You can never have too many photos of Karolina our tour guide. We are lost on some random streets of Prague here

Some of the cars there can almost fit in a backpack. Gas is nearly six bucks a gallon here so don't complain back in the US

This sketchy lady we ran into here was selling every sin you can think of related to mind altering substances and naked acts with women

I was so lost after I lost the crew one night that I was pretty concerned about having to possibly sleep in an alley for a few hours. This is at around 7am with no cars or people in sight. I ran into this crazy tower with babies crawling on it while trying to find my way back

I wonder if we look like tourists walking around looking like this. Those bags are damn heavy

She's working at the internet cafe that I'm at right now. Seriously, how can there be this many bangin' girls in one place? I'm still amazed

Lost on foot again, but at least I ran into a good skate spot. There are no marks at all on this marble

This was the scene during the awards at Mystic Cup

That dude in the middle we named Drunk Tosh. He was hammered and friends with boy hungry Karolina on his left. The two people on the right are two more random friends we made that ended up drinking with us well into the morning daylight. Seems like it's harder to make friends that fast in the US. We have a very private and afraid society compared to Czech. That sucks. We saw Drunk Tosh the next day and he didn't even remember hanging out or meeting us. They like to party there

Well at least someone was getting some work done. This is a random session we rolled up on. That's a varial heel that Schaefer took with his chill cam

On one of the nights, a beautiful girl Schaefer met at the Mystic Contest took us to some lake about an hour outside of the city. We had many drinks, started a fire, then slept on the ground for the night. Schaefer doesn't mess around when he collects firewood - trees get ripped out of the ground

There are lots of gigantic sunflower fields outside the city. The heads of the flowers are all facing the same way as they follow the sun rising and setting

Not sure what exactly the history behind this place is, but those are all real human bones and skulls making up that stuff behind us


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