Street Dreams Movie Filming

Posted on Thursday, August 3, 2006 by Rob

Street Dreams Movie Filming
Words by Rob Meronek
Photos by Barak Wiser

Schaefer, Clements, and I were in Amsterdam while Rob Dyrdek's crew of 40 Hollywood types spent the weekend at the Park filming for his Street Dreams movie. I don't know what's going on in any of these photos Barak took, but I took a stab at trying to figure it out...

I guess we had to make a fake "Welcome to Tampa Am" banner. Everyone who comes to Tampa Am is more than welcome, but we don't make a goonie banner like this in real life
Looks like Sheckler made it. Hope this movie isn't Grind II
P-Rod and crew in what appears to be some kind of dressing room. There's Matt Welch on the right. He runs Transitions Art Gallery. Go see a show sometime and be part of the junior high heavy metal parking lot
They brought everything except the red carpet
Did you make it into the crowd lurk photo?
I wonder how big the bills are in a game of dice with Terry Kennedy and Ryan Sheckler
It must be a legit movie if they have one of these things. Skate filmers should use this instead of the hand over the lens deal
What's P-Rod holding? Possibly a fake Tampa Am trophy?
The moment you've all been waiting for: shirtless Dave Duncan
Home made SPoT shirts with a Sean Malto stunt double, or is that the real Sean Malto?
More crowd lurking. I heard it was really long days of filming