A Nice Day on the Streets of Montreal Article at Skatepark of Tampa

A Nice Day on the Streets of Montreal

Posted on Friday, September 22, 2006 by Rob

A Nice Day on the Streets of Montreal
By Rob Meronek

Gotta have at least one plane shot. This is what flying into Cincinnati looks like. It's flat like Florida

First place we went to: Big O. They're going to tear this place down soon unless someone can do something to stop it. This was a stadium where the Olympics took place years ago. This tunnel is what the athletes ran through to get on the field. It just happens to form a perfect mini ramp. This is Jordan Maxham doing a blunt fakie

Whoa! Blunt biggie out on that thing? Yeah Dustin Blauvelt!

The fish sure makes this look mellow, but it's not. This is Dylan Perry on some over vert 50-50 to fakie. Grab the ceiling so you don't crack your head open

Dylan Perry - it's like a moon walk rock fakie

Dewitt, I think you should send Clements another box of Element boards for this pivot fakie photo

Dustin Blauvelt skated this thing like a normal mini. This is a switch backside disaster

We would have been pretty lost trying to find this spot if it wasn't for Collin Hale. This is a fakie switch crook

What do the old guys have in common? Pivot fakies. I'm not just the President of the Feathered Hair Club for Men, but I'm also a client

Next spot was this hockey jock structure in front of the stadium with a marble ledge that was slick like the pimps hanging out in front of our sketchy hotel here. Dustin's friend Max frontside bluntslid it with ease

Jordan Maxham's nose didn't touch on this backside nosegrind

You can almost read the plaque that explains the hockey jock thing under Dylan Perry's backside overcrook, but who cares that that thing is for anyway. I bet Dylan sticks his pinky out like that when he's sipping a cup of tea

Around the corner from the stadium is the spot PJ Ladd ollied into. It had a really hard fence to climb around it and was extra sketchy will the scaffolding on it

Dylan Perry snuck in a quick ollie to fakie on it before we left for fear of going to gay prison in another country

Next was this bank spot with a super slick lip to grind. Collin Hale hit with this frontside alley oop fakie 5-0

Ryan Clements - frontside 5-0 up on the deck like it's a mini ramp

Dylan Perry backside tail slid it

Dylan Perry's got a nice looking backside ollie on that thing

Right after Jordan Maxham kickflipped it to fakie, we wound down our day at a super chill manual and ledge spot


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