Dew Dew Tour – Playedstation Pro Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Dew Dew Tour – Playedstation Pro

Posted on Monday, October 16, 2006 by Ryan

Dew Dew Tour – Playedstation Pro
Words by Ryan Clements
Photos and Captions by Rob Meronek, Jake Schrickling, and Filmer Sara

I think we had the worst seats actually possible considering we were behind the ramp. So you could really only see one half of the ramp and Frosty asked, “Don’t you know someone here that could get us some better seats?” I guess I did, but I didn’t want to be bothered. Here are my highlights:

  • Bucky won the whole damn deal and really killed it in his third and final run
  • Sandro Dias can do fs boardslides so fast that on the next wall that he actually does about an 8’ air
  • Rune Glifberg did a kf bs lipslide after time
  • Anthony Furlong ripped and has learned bs 540’s. He was in 2nd when I arrived and got bumped down to 5th, but still walked away with $4500 for that and $7000 for his overall ranking of 6th (while even missing one event). Nice job, Furly!
From our great seats we started moseying around the arena and found the bar where the best margaritas of all time were being made…you know, the ones that they top off with tequila? Damn.

My seats were slightly better for Street. I got to stand on this platform that was on top of the stands, but the “fans” that go to these events don’t necessarily skate and it was PACKED up there. I could easily be jaded and bitter, but I’m going that route because I still got to see some great skateboarding. Here’s what I remember after all that tequila:

  • What the hell was David Loy doing out there? Is he the next Sheckler? Was he getting more applause than anyone? Don’t worry, David, you can still skate Damn Am
  • And then I got caught off guard again when I saw Kyle Berard out there absolutely killing it
  • After three Runs and two Jams, Jereme Rogers barely squeezed by Ryan Sheckler into 1st place, leaving 2nd to Sheckler
  • With running the risk of sounding like an NBC Announcer, I want to reiterate how hard Sheckler ripped. He did one of the hugest bs flips of all time over the entire step-up area and did a kf fatty-to-flatty off the other step-up all the way to flat...gnar. He may not have won that Contest, but taking the overall and $75k ain't all that bad
All in all, it was a fun time because I got to see some great skateboarding. I opted out and headed back to Tampa while Rob and Schaefer hit up the party scene.


Jake's caption: Ryan Sheckler - tre flip over hip

Rob's comment: yes, another Sheckler photo - teenie bopper girls gone wild

Jake's caption: Rockstar David Loy - kid was killing the course and signing autographs all the way to the Finals

Rob's comment: a poor teenie bopper's Ryan Sheckler?

Jake's caption: P-Rod - switch front 50-50 down hubba

Rob's comment: armchair skateboard haters will call out the back wheels being off

Jake's caption: PLG - sick switch crook

Rob's comment: I heard he had some crazy ass club techno playing in his run. I wonder if he was on beans

Jake's caption: Neil Hendrix - flip grab over channel

Rob's comment: Suspect - looks like a possible take a poop

Jake's caption: NBC was up Bucky's ass all day - literally here with this crotch shot

Rob's comment: Are those Burberry knee pads??? Oh man, it's the new leopard print for vert skaters

Jake's caption: Kyle Berard airing in front of the gnarly NBC filmer dude

Rob's comment: Yo Berard!!!!!

Jake's caption: Brendan Yul on the lurk with my old freind and fellow texan Chris Gentry

Rob's comment: Brendan, I better not see you on a flow board or I'm deporting you back to some random oriental country

Jake's caption: they announced Rune Gliffberg as the bowl champion of the world but we all know Benji Galloway is

Rob's comment: I guess you're entitled to that opinion

Jake's caption: Anthony Furlong crotch shot doing one of those flip grab things

Rob's comment: I'd rather see another photo of The Senator than Furlong's nut sack

Jake's caption: Anthony Furlong - reppin' SPoT and slapping his tail

Rob's comment: See you at The Reservoir Bar, fool

Who dat? I don't know, but Schaefer was making plenty of random new friends as usual while we ignored the Contest and had yet another heavy metal parking lot session

Foot fetish number one for the night

G-Unit - still repping the Hawk gear

We couldn't get in with our beers so we watched the Contest on this screen while posted up on the ground outside the street course, heavy metal parking lot style. At least there was a Port-O-Potty right there

Our post up spot was right outside the VIP section. We soon discovered this was the VIP Port-O-Let. So, how about a photo of everyone going for a pooper? Sure. Gretchin Sheckler is up first

I gave the camera to Filmer Sara to take over VIP Port-O-Let duty. I broke the seal hours ago so I'm up next

VIP Port-O-Let #3: Craig from CCS - hyped on the pooper

VIP Port-O-Let #4: Who dat? Not the first or the last person to walk out with a toilet paper stream stuck to their shoe

VIP Port-O-Let #5: Buffalo Stance ready to get down

VIP Port-O-Let #6: Who dat? Where do you put your beer down in the Port-O-Let? UPDATE: this is Clifford Unsworth, the new etnies Team Manager

VIP Port-O-Let #7: Who dat? This dude can't be VIP - he's wearing jean shorts

VIP Port-O-Let #8: John Burgess repping SPoT

VIP Port-O-Let #9: The Ricky Burns deal

VIP Port-O-Let #10: Brian Schaefer doesn't lock the door because he likes when people walk in on him

VIP Port-O-Let #11: Rune Glifberg, my favorite vert skater

VIP Port-O-Let #12: Who dat? Pink shirt guy

VIP Port-O-Let #13: Gretchen Sheckler broke the seal - round two

VIP Port-O-Let #14: Who dat? Turquoise shirt guy. UPDATE: this is Dylan Radloff, the Oakley Team Manager

VIP Port-O-Let #15: Cullen was on to us snapping photos of everyone so he came out the door naked like George Castanza

VIP Port-O-Let #16: Filmer Sara had to put down the camera for a second

VIP Port-O-Let #17: Buffalo Stance - round two

VIP Port-O-Let #18: Rodney Johnson lookin shady as usual

And now it's on to the Contest After-Party. First order of business, a foot fetish shot

What upska Greg Lutzka?

It was a wide open bar, so there were plenty of people taking full advantage like Brooke here. Triple fisting just because you can and it's free

Ryan Dodge is back on the wood again after a healed broken ankle

This is Karyn from Zumies. Thanks for dinner Karyn!

I came up to Furlong pulling the random fan out move asking for an autograph and all that - hopefully this girl was impressed

Mandatory mean face - this is Ryan Sheckler's mom, Gretchen, going for her best mean face

G-Unit takes full advantage of the open bar. Another triple fister

Anthony Furlong and the other Schaefer, Sarah Shaffer

Chris Cudlipp didn't make the cut, but he still left with a thousand bucks. Not bad

Take a break for another foot fetish shot

Craig from CCS getting loose with the CCS credit card. Too bad you can't read the numbers. I would have already had that thing maxed out

G-Unit was getting a little naughty on Schaefer

Lea's a rep for Vans out of Orlando. If I were a buyer, I'd take everything she was selling

Filmer Sara about to get a ninja kick to the head

Last photo of the night was a random run-in with Jack Moran. Does he have a sweater tied around him like a man purse?


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