A Random Epicly Tampa'd Night Out Not Skateboarding

Posted on Friday, October 20, 2006 by Rob

A Random Epicly Tampa'd Night Out Not Skateboarding
The Skatepark of Tampa End of Year Awards are coming up at the Harvest Jam in November. Kornelius, Amanda, Seanline, and Frosty already have a nomination of their own

Yeah Kornelius, it's ok to double fist it on your birthday

I randomly ran into Coss at the New World. Nice shirt - we should reprint that one

Play with fire and you won't get burned. This is Jesse. He makes cartoons. I guess he prefers to call it "animation." Whatever, just don't drop an anvil on me

What's a night out without a foot fetish shot?

Another foot fetish from another night - blurry like my vision from all the sauce

DJ Bobby Sodemyer attempting a mean face, but looking more like Neck Face

I'll see you here at the Skatepark for Raven's fashion and art show. There will be free sauce provided by Stella and Red Bull. It will be a good time and if for some reason it's not, we'll go streaking - always a good time no matter what

I caught part of a show in Transitions Art Gallery the other night. Jesse's brother was in one of the bands. That's Jesse filming with his tech ass VX 2 million

It's just a matter of time before these pumpkins in Reservoir Bar get smashed over someone's head. Frosty should just paint his whole head orange on Halloween

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